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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode 16 Review: Romance is in the air!

Despite of Sawar's scheming, love grows between Abdullah and Mahajabeen.

Pyar-Ke-Sadqey-Episode-16-ReviewIn this episode Romance is in the air - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqey is the excellent drama serial running at HUM TV, an absolutely delightful watch. The script and characters crafting are done with such mastery by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, that she deserves all praises and the excellent execution is making this serial a memorable one. I am always awestruck by the incredible performances given by Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas that I feel like my words for appreciation fail to do justice.

The episode begins when Abdullah scolds Mahajabeen and tries to throw her out of the house on Sarwar’s instructions but Mahajabeen being strong and fearless throws Abdullah out of the house. Later she shares this with Sarwar who is enjoying all this and he is super happy when he comes to know that Mahajabeen is not pregnant at all. Mansoora is watching this scene, she is closely watching Sarwar’s expressions and his behavior. It seems that she is getting to know the reality of Sarwar.

Later Mansoora also gets to know the reason of Abdullah and Mahajabeen’s missing relationship when Abdullah himself tells that Sarwar has stopped him to get intimate with Mahajabeen. This is a real eye-opener for Mansoora but it seems that she is still giving Sarwar a benefit of doubt or maybe Sarwar is her weakness. Despite knowing about his reality she still does not find the courage to leave him as she is attached to him. Mansoora has become habitual of Sarwar’s pretense of love and his fake praises so much so that she cannot even think of living without him.

Despite Sarwar’s devilish scheming, love starts to grow between Mahajabeen and Abdullah. The way Abdullah apologizes Mahajabeen and the way Mahajabeen makes him to say sorry is so cute and adorable. Their bond and their attachment are so beautifully portrayed. The way Abdullah is saying sorry and then he gets irritated and then eventually succumbs when Mahajabeen demands him to buy her a dress. On the other hand, Shanzay is regretting her choice as her snobbish fiance is not letting her live the way she likes, he is not even respecting her choice.

It seems that romance is in the air! Here I will like to appreciate the OST of the play what a beautiful love song it is with a such a delightful scene when Mahajabeen is all dolled up is expecting Abdullah to appreciate her and the shy and bashful expressions of Abdullah who is trying to catch her glimpse but he is being extremely shy and then how they finally hold each other’s hands. This is the most beautiful love story I have ever seen. Abdullah and Mahajabeen seem like perfect soul mates hope they stay and grow together.

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