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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-17 Review: With Shanzay’s entry back into the scene, it is certainly going to spoil Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s beautiful relationship

Pyar Ke Sadqey the finest play in the running at HUM TV, is a serial we wait for the whole week as it is a delightful watch but in this episode, it seems like the element of delight is diminishing as the story plot starts turning intense. With Shanzay’s entry back into the scene, it is certainly going to spoil Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s beautiful relationship and Sarwar too is going to make the best out of this situation and he will try his best to make Abdullah leave Mahjabeen. Performances by Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan are perfect as usual.

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This episode opens with a scene showing Abdullah and Mahajbeen’s cute yet very beautiful romance, it is clearly evident that Abdullah’s heart is now fully inclined towards Mahjabeen and this is indeed one of the most beautiful romance we have ever seen. Mahjabeen very innocently tells Abdullah to watch movies so he can learn how to romance and Abdullah is ready to follow her instructions. It is also suggesting that they may have established a physical relationship too.

Sarwar is silently bearing all this and playing his cards very cool in front of Mansoora. When they both were sitting in front of Mansoora and she is blessing the couple Abdullah is quick to say Ameen he is clearly in love with Mahjabeen and this is what Sarwar cannot digest. It is also suggesting that Abdullah and Mahjabeen have spent the night together romancing and they have not attended Shanzay’s Wedding.

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Sarwar on his way to the office tells Abdullah that Shanzay is not looking happy with her marriage but the way Abdullah says please don’t say like that Dad, and wishes her to live a happy life saying that she has chosen a perfect partner for her depicts Abdullah as a gem heart but Sarwar tries his best to convince Abdullah that Shanzay is looking for him and she is regretting now. Abdullah does not succumb to what Sarwar is trying to induce in his mind but he pays a visit at Shanzay with a bouquet and Shanzay who has now learned a life lesson, starts being nice to him.  Abdullah’s heart starts inclining towards Shanzay.

Abdullah’s feelings for Mahjabeen have changed so much after meeting with Shanzay that he clearly refuses to take Mahjabeen for shopping even Mahajbeen’s looks do not melt his heart. Here Washma’s role is very brilliant, she straightforwardly orders Abdullah to take her for shopping and when Sarwar tries to intervene she snubs him the way he truly deserves. Abdullah half heartily takes Mahjabeen for shopping and there at the mall Shanzay is wandering alone and Abdullah starts clinging with her leaving poor Mahjabeen alone. He even snubs Mahjabeen when it is his own mistake. It clearly seems that Shanzay is going to destroy their beautiful relationship and it is not something we want. Abdullah and Mahjabeen are made for each other.


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