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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-18 Review: Abdullah once again falls for Shanzay

Shanzay is spoiling Mahajabeen and Abdullah's marriage

Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Abdullah once again falls for Shanzay - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqey airing on HUM TV is one of the classiest play in the running for which we will wait for the whole week. However, it seems that the play is now not much a delightful watch, in this episode we only have two scenes of Abdullah and Mahajabeen together and we are certainly not ready to welcome Shanzay in the picture trying to ruin  Abdullah and Mahajabeen’s marriage.

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The way Abdullah is not ignoring Mahjabeen’s silly mistake this time, seems that Shanzay has fully taken over Abdullah’s mind and heart so he finds it difficult to let go Mahajabeen’s foolishness. The worst part is that he starts thinking of Mahajabeen as an embarrassment and moreover he discusses it with Sarwar the devil who is already ruining their relationship. He tells Abdullah that Mahajabeen is not worthy to be his wife. Well one wonders not for a single moment Abdullah realizes that how badly Sarwar used to insult him now how can he trust him so blindly?

Mansoora hires a grooming trainer for Mahajabeen but Mahajabeen is Mahajabeen, she creates lots of fuss that she is not going to learn anything, the concept of class is still haunting her. The way she is pleading the instructor to leave her is hilarious and the way the instructor tackles her and then Mahjabeen’s hues and cries are so funny. Little she knows that she needs to do all this to win Abdullah back.

Shanzay is being a real she-devil, she is trying all her tactics to capture Abdullah’s heart. Sarwar on top of it is trying his best to ignite their feelings for each other. The way Shanzay still being a married woman goes at Abdullah’s office and the way she is being flirtatious, speaks volumes about her character, she is superficial and not for a single second she is realizing that Abdullah is now a married man and he has a wife too.

What we really miss in this episode are the cute and adorable scenes of Mahajabeen and Abudullah there were just two in this episode, in one of them Abdullah is being rude with her and in the second one their cute yet adorable bond is shown where Abdullah snaps a very cool selfie with her and then helps Mahajbeen uploading it on Facebook with the caption Mahajabeen tells him to add which says “Mahajabeen loves Abdullah”. Mahajabeen and Abdullah are soulmates. We wonder if Abdullah is going to realize that when he is with Mahajabeen he is being his true self.

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