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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-3 Review: Delightful yet satirical

Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas scenes are a delightful watch

Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-3 ReviewIn this episode Delightful yet satirical - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqey, the newly started drama serial playing on HUM TV is a delightful Watch, for which we anxiously wait for the whole week. The play and its unique genre is a pleasant break for all of us from all typical depressing full of intrigues drama serials. Beautifully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah the play is delightful and very intense as well. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas have given memorable performances.

The character portrayal of Mahjabeen and Abdullah has done with such finesse and mastery that we love and wait for their scenes together, as it is an absolute treat for the viewers. Yumna Zaidi is nailing her character with her charm and Bilal Abbas’s performance is equally brilliant.

The story seems to be turning  more and more intense, the comic relief which the characters of Mahjabeen and Abdullah give us have much deeper levels too. The comic and light style of this play is a sort of satire to society. The play is now slowly moving from the light towards a darker side.


Mahajabeen’s excitement on her engagement and her eagerness to tell all friends that she is engaged and that too with a doctor, is a satire about our superficial society where getting married or engaged is considered some kind of achievement and people treat married or engaged persons like a hero as if they have done anything remarkable. The desire of telling everyone and flaunting off engagement ring is such a common practice.


Abdullah scene where he is hounding Shanzay in his cute weird way is so hilarious. The way he tries to threaten Shanzay that he will kidnap her and how he is even seriously considering it as an option is so cute and funny. Mahajabeen and Abdullah’s scenes together is a real treat to watch how cutely Mahajabeen is flaunting her engagement ring and then offering Abdullah her help by saying that he should call off the idea of marrying Shanzay, she will help him to find a duffer girl like her so it is also like a social service too by rescuing the girl from studies, how cute yet how deep.


Well, there is also a darker side of the play that comes to light, Abdullah’s stepfather, as it seems that he is kind of slow poisoning Abdullah’s mother and he has total control. He is eyeing on Mahajabeen and her mother has suggested him that he got all rights to ditch her wife and can marry any girl even lesser than 30 years of age as he has already sacrificed a lot. He gets disturbed to know that Mahajabeen is engaged. Sarwat shows his real face when he beats the hell out of Abdullah for getting a complain against Abdullah for hounding a girl.

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