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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-4 Review: The delightful Watch has a darker side

Sawaar finally express his desire to marry Mahjabeen to his father


Pyar Ke Sadqey the drama serial running on HUM TV is one delightful Prime Time Watch for which we wait for the whole week. The plot of the play is beautifully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and the characters of this play are brilliantly crafted. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas both are nailing their characters with their incredible characters.

Sarwar beats the hell out of Abdullah for falling in love with Shanzay, well irony is that he himself is desperately in love with Mahjabeen. Abdullah’s mother is deeply hurt to see Sarwar beating her son, she makes her mind that she will take Abdullah’s proposal for Shanzay and will talk with her father. Sarwar very artfully handles the situation he apologizes to Abdullah and tries to be nice with Abdullah’s mother. There is a cute scene where Abdullah comes to say sorry to Mahajabeen and bring chocolates for her and asks her to wish him luck and Mahajabeen prays for him.


Sarwar in real is playing a double game, he tells Shanzay’s father Mir Sahab to let her wife come to his place and then insults her and Abdullah the way he like as he himself is not in a position to stop his wife. Mir Sahab agrees on that and Sarwar is playing her role as a cool and loving stepdad who is happily going to take her son’s proposal. Mir Sahab badly insults Abdullah by saying that he is a loser and a failure who cannot even talk properly how can he give his daughter’s hand in his hand. He warns Abdullah’s mother that if he will try to hound her he will make a harassment case on them.


Abdullah’s self-respect and self-esteem are trashed to pieces and Sarwar is deliberately doing that as his aim is to break him. Abdullah shares all his problems with his phupho and he trusts her more than his own mother. Sarwar has created distances between him and Abdullah. Abdullah’s mother also feels that Abdullah shares his problems more with his phupho then her.


Mahajabeen has a dream where she and Abdullah were dancing, and when she wakes up from that pleasant dream wondering that why she has been dreaming about him the Bawala but then she gets lost in that dream too, subconsciously she is in love with Abdullah as he is her soul mate and her perfect match but she does not know about it yet, consciously. She is happy that she will soon be marrying the doctor who is actually a fake doctor and he seems more interested in her friend. Sarwar finally gathers courage on his mother’s advice and he goes to Mahajabeen’s house to talk with her father and asks him for her hand.

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