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Pyar Ke Saqday Epsiode-23 Review: A Heart breaking one, not a delightful watch anymore!

Cunning Sarwar never leaves Abdullah for a single second, ruins every chance of reconciliation with Mahajabeen.


Pyar Ke Sadqay unarguably one of the best drama serials in the running comes up with its another episode on Hum TV which turns out to be a heartbreaking one. We are really missing the element of delight in the play. Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi both have given impeccable performances in the series and we are missing their cute and adorable romantic scenes.

One of the biggest disappointment is Mansoora’s character in the play, her character is so weak that despite knowing the reality about Sarwar. She is deliberately keeping herself in a state of denial and living in a fool’s paradise where she is trying to console herself with Sarwar’s love pretense or his false praises. This Mansoora’s self-assumed love of Sarwar has become her biggest weakness that all her good traits are getting influenced by this weakness. Mansoora who used to be Mahajabeen’s biggest support is now not ready to take any stand for her. She had always regarded Munshi Jee but now she is disregarding all his services and treating him so rudely.


Mahjabeen the way she is hiding her tears and heartbreak from her parents when she hears her father telling her mother that Abdullah is leaving her and he is marrying Shanzay, is making our eyes teary. Then that cute call she makes to Abdullah is so heartbreaking where she is pleading Abdullah to not to leave her. The scene is so cute when she says, ” Aap beshak apni mehbooba say shadi karlain per mujay lainay aajaein mai kahi bhi store may reh loongi bus mujay thori c izzat dedain”.


Washma and her phupho’s character seems the only sane characters in the family. Washma seems to be strong as she confronts Abdullah for getting married to Shanzay, she shames him for using Mahjabeen as a punching bag and ruining her life. Washma’s phupho also expresses her disgust on this issue with her bhabi. Abdullah’s act has shaken the image of him in Washma’s mind and it seems like she is not going to trust men anymore. Is she going to call off her engagement?


Abdullah is certainly feeling very guilty, all the moments he has spent with Mahjabeen are running as flashback images in his mind and after getting the call, he has become even more restless but that vile Sarwar never leaves him for a single second, he intervenes in their conversation and tells Mahjabeen not to call him again breaking her heart and hopes. This has broken our hearts too, as we cannot see this beautiful and adorable couple parting ways.

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