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Ramz e Ishq Episode 11 Review: Roshni is in trouble, she needs money

Umer paths crosses with his lost love.


Ramz e Ishq is a drama serial revolving around a love trio,  in its 11th episode, the distance which seems to have lessened between Roshini and Rayan is again increasing as Roshini never crosses her limits and she clearly knows what is right and what is wrong. The story is well plotted by Misbah Nousheen and well helmed by Siraj ul Haq. Kiran Haq’s performance is really very impressive in the play.

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The episode begins when there is an issue going in the house where Rania is making unnecessary tassel with Rayan’s mother and now she has taken this issue to Baray Saab who initially comes into her trap but then he wisely investigates the issue and comes to know that Rania herself is at mistake so he asks her to apologize to her Mami. Luckily Rayan is there and he also has seen the real face of her cunning cousin because of which his parent’s relationship is about to break.


Rayan is now totally ignoring Rania. Rania decorates Rayan’s room with roses and a sorry card but Rayan tears the card in front of her and asks her to leave the room. Then whenever she tries to talk or comes to her room he clearly tells her to go away. He is doing the right thing, why she expects him to be nice with her when she is so disrespecting his mother. Rania’s mind is cooking something really evil. Umer’s path crosses with her long lost love and it seems that Umer is happy to find her, he discusses with her about his life issues and how unhappy he is with his marriage.


Roshni on the other hand is a girl with great moral values, she is deliberately abandoning her love just because she knows that it is not right, she is married now and is in Nikkag with someone else. While it seems like trials and troubles have not ended for poor Roshni, her mother calls her and shares with her very bad news. Roshni’s father has taken a loan of 10 lacs Rupees for Roshni’s wedding and now Roshni’s mother cannot return that amount and they may have to give up their house! Roshni assures her mother that she will arrange for the money.


Roshni is such a girl of character that even in such trouble, she does not ask for money form Rayan, instead she pray. Roshni does not want to lose her house at any cost, she has memories of her house associated with her father. Roshni eventually discusses her need for money with Umer who assures her that he will ask from Baray Saab but he does not get any chance of asking. When Roshni inquires about him asking for money he replies that he did not get the chance, Roshni asks him whether he can arrange it or not on which he says that trust him or do that on her own.

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