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Ramz e Ishq Episode-13 Review: Rayan is standing at Roshini’s side

Drama serial Ramz e Ishq with its beautiful storyline and an interesting love trio is becoming one of the interesting drama serials in the running quarter. Mikaal Zulfiqar’s performance is simply outstanding in this play. This episode too, is very happening as Rania succeeds in her plotting and jewellery has been found from Roshini’s room and Umer divorces Roshini.

The episode begins when Rania’s mother in a furious range goes at Umer’s house for checking and they find their family’s jewellery piece at Roshini’s room. Umer who is already in search of such chances, starts blaming Roshini for stealing the jewellery. Only Rayhan is the person who believes that it is some kind of plotting against Roshini and he refused to accept this. He strongly believes that Roshini cannot do anything like that.


Well, while Umer is blaming Roshini for stealing jewellery, Rayan enters into their house by saying that Roshini has not done anything on which Umer starts blaming them for having an affair despite knowing that she is married to him. He divorces Roshini in front of Rayan in a hasty manner and leaves the place. Rayan tells Roshini that she will not tell anyone that Umer has divorced her otherwise people will not believe them or blame them for it.


Umer goes straight to his love and shares with her that he has finally divorced her wife. Her girlfriend suggests to her that he should not pick any calls and also that they will soon be leaving the country and they will get married and will live the life of their dreams. Umer is not picking up her mother’s calls too. On the other side, Rayan is extremely worried about how to handle this situation she takes Roshini to her mother’s place but he chooses not to disclose the reality to anyone that Umer has divorced her. Rayan is desperately searching for Umer.


Well, Rayan’s parents are also not ready to believe that Roshini can do any such act. Poor Roshini is completely ruined. She is being labeled as a person who has stolen jewellery and also that Umer has now labelled her as a divorcee. She sees her father in the vision where he is telling her that all are not against her and now she has to be really very careful in finding that who are those persons who are with her.

Well Rania’s mother is not stopping to spew her venom against Roshini and now it seems that she has got a solid reason to do so, she tells Baray Sahab about Roshini’s stealing the jewellery and blames it all on her mother’s upbringing. Well, surprisingly Baray Sahab thinks that Roshini can do any such thing strange!

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