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Ramz e Ishq Episode-14 Review: Roshini has Rahyan on her side

Ramz e Ishq is one of the most interesting love trio running on Geo Entertainment, the play has an interesting plot and the love triangle of the main leads makes it even more interesting. Mikaal Zulfiqar has given his best of the performance in the play. Ramz e Ishq revolves around the story of Roshini, a girl with strong moral values but she is been mistreated by her own blood relations. She has been targeted to punish for the sins she has not even committed.

The episode starts when Rahyan takes Roshini to a park and they are discussing the situation. Rayan advises her to stay quite and do no mention to anyone about her divorce. Rayan is trying hard to get to Umer so that he divorces her in public. Roshini fears that her mother will not bear this news on which Rahyan suggest her not to say anything to her. He also helps her out in that money issue so that she can get rid of the loan.


Rania and her mother think that they have ruined Roshini’s reputation forever but little did they know that it has brought Roshini and Rahyan even closer. They have no idea about Roshini’s divorce nor do they know that Rayhan is at Roshini’s side. Both mother and daughter are dreaming about Rahyan and her engagement. The maid which helped Rania is now kind of blackmailing her by demanding money and Rahyan’s mother has sensed that something is fishy when she see Rania giving money to a maid.


Umer, on the other hand, is trying to break all his shackles and now he wants to enjoy this liberty. He is living with her girlfriend and they are planning to leave the country soon and marry. Rayan sees him in the car with a girl, he stops him and snubs him at the street but then police rescue Umer. Umer’s girlfriend hurries up and she books the tickets for Dubai. Before going to Dubai Umer receives her mother’s call and tells her that he is going somewhere but cannot tell and if someone in the Haveli asks for him tell them that he is feeling too embarrassed to face them.


Roshini gives the cheque to her mother and tells her to get off with this burden of loan as soon as possible. Her mother is really happy to see that finally they get the money and all she thinks is that Umer has given him the amount but little she knows that it is Rayan who helped them out and Umer has left Roshini forever. She asks her to call Rayhan as she wants her to be the witness of the deal but when Roshni calls him, Rania takes his call as she is in his room and as usual she misbehaves with Roshini but then Rayan comes he snubs her for checking his phone and also that he did not want her to come to his room. He asks her to leave the room and then he checks his phone, he will get the idea that who has called him.

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