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Ramz e Ishq Episode-15 Review: Rania’s reality is now fully revealed to Rayhan

Penned by Misbah Nousheen, Ramz e Ishq is an exquisite love trio of Rayhan, Roshini, and Rania. The serial is one of the most engaging plays in the running. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari have come up with their best performances and also Kiran Haq is brilliantly carrying her negative role. In this episode Rayhan comes to know the real face of Rania, she is actually behind all the plotting against Roshini.

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The episode beings when Rayhan’s mother through the maid comes to know that Rayhan and Rania’s engagement preparations have started. She calls Rayhan and he tells her not to worry he will handle all this situation. He goes to Rania’s room to talk with her but then he accidentally hears Rania’s conversation with her maid where the maid is saying that she has put jewellery in Roshni’s house on her instruction.


Rayhan hears all that, he sees Rania’s ugly self and all her reality is revealed to him. He makes the maid confess in front of all. Rania’s mother wisely handles all the situations, she slaps very hard on Rania’s face and acts as if she is really embarrassed about her act and requests that no one tell Baray Saab and Aqeel about this. Well, Rayhan and his mother should tell this to them at least they should also know about her reality.


Roshini on the other side is trying hard to conceal the reality from her mother that Umer has divorced her. It is very difficult for her to control herself when her mother mentions Umer all the time. Dada Saab get to know about Umer’s reality and also that he has fled to Dubai he is extremely furious and he really wants to teach that ungrateful soul a lesson. He himself takes the responsibility of Roshini and wants to visit Dubai himself.


Rania, on the other hand, is not talking with her mother as she is really angry that why she has slapped her so hard in front of all. She wants to leave her house but then her mother has stopped her by saying that if she steps out of this house then all the doors of this house will be closed forever for her. Rania goes to Rayhan’s room and tries to apologize to her about her conduct she says that she will apologize from Roshini as well. Rania shares her feeling for him on which Rayhan rudely says that she should not think about their marriage as it is not possible. He says that he has never seen her from that angle ever nor he is interested in her so she should not invest her energies on him. He further rudely says that it does not matter to him that Rania lives or dies she is completely irrelevant. Rania is shattered to hear all this.

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