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Ramz e Ishq Episode-16 Review: Rayhan is forced to get engaged with Rania

Ramz e Ishq as the name suggests this play revolves around love and it is based on a love triangle between Roshini, Rayhan, and Rania. The play is penned down by Misbah Nousheen and directed by Siraj ul Haq. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran have given their best performances in the play. In this episode, Rayhan is being forced for getting engaged with Rania.

The episode begins when Rayhan clearly refuses to marry Rania and Rania hears all this and she is shattered, she feels like she is worthless, the sentences that you live or die does not make any difference to me are echoing on her head and she feels like what is the use of her living. She attempts suicide by galloping tablets but she was saved timely.


On the other hand Roshini’s mother met an accident and she is alone in the hospital when Rayhan arrives there on time. He is with her all the time and he donates his own blood which moves Roshini’s heart for him but still, she knows her limits. She knows that she has no right on him, she tells him to go home and that they can take care for themselves but Rayhan refuses to listen to her. He stays at her side but then he gets the call from his father that Rania has attempted suicide. He is asking him to immediately come to the hospital as Dada is calling him.


There Phupho has created a lot of hues and cry that her daughter has attempted suicide because her daughter got hurt when Rayhan has rejected her why he did that? She says that if God forbid anything bad happened to Rania she is not going to forgive them especially Rayhan. When Rayhan arrives at the hospital she is saying all this stuff and then she starts snubbing Rayhan for hurting her daughter.


Rania tells her mother that she has committed suicide because Rayhan has clearly refused to marry her, she says that he has said to her that it does not make any difference to him that she lives or dies. Baray Sahab listens to all this conversation and he assures Rania that his engagement is going to happen at the fixed date and he snubs his son that he has to make Rayhan agree on his engagement. Rayhan is not ready to listen to anyone but then his father threatens him that if he is not going to agree he is going to divorce his mother!

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