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Ramz e Ishq Episode-17 Review: Rayhan forcefully gets engaged with Rania

Ramz e Ishq the drama serial which is based on a beautiful love trio is one of the most interesting Prime Time Watch. The play is very artfully written in a gripping plot and a very interesting storyline by Misbah Nousheen. Mikaal Zulfiqar is outdoing his role as Rayhan, Kiran Malik and Hiba Bukhari are too giving their best of performances in the play. This episode revolves around Rayhan’s engagement.

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Rayhan’s father has been successful in making his son agree for the engagement as he himself forced him to do so by saying that he will divorce his mother, poor Rayhan has no choice but to say yes! This is very low for his father to use his mother as a scapegoat. Rayhan’s mother, on the other hand, is embarrassed that she has become the reason behind her son’s forced relationship. She knows that Rayhan is not happy with this engagement.

Rania’s mother visits Roshini’s house to invite them for the engagement. She goes there in her usual arrogant style and brings with her a basket of mithaee. She tells them that she has invited her for Rania and Rayhan’s engagement and they have to come to attend the function she will send the car and she never forgets to treat Roshini as her servant’s wife. She asks her to come with her to Haveli for preparations on which she refuses by saying that her mother is not well. Roshini is shocked and upset to hear Rayhan and Rania’s engagement.

Roshini along with her mother arrives at the function and there her mother asks Roshini to meet Umer’s mother she does that, Umer’s mother is worried as she begs Roshini not to tell anything to her grandfather. Roshini assures that she won’t tell anything. Rania’s mother also treats Roshini as her servant’s wife. Engagement proceedings start Rania’s mother asks Rayhan to put a ring on Rania’s finger on which he rudely and bluntly refuses by saying that this is against his family’s values, so mothers have done that ritual.

Rania is extremely mad over Rayhan’s attitude, she feels like Rayhan has insulted her in front of Roshini but Rania’s mother comforts her by saying that she should not worry about small things, she should be happy that now she is in a strong and unbreakable bond with Rayhan. Umer on the other side is getting the board in London as her girlfriend’s father has not yet met him, he is worried about his mother too and then he also comes to know about Rayhan and Rania’s engagement and he is extremely feeling bad for Roshini.

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