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Ramz e Ishq Episode-18 Review: Roshini’s mother pleads Rayhan to marry Roshini

Ramz e Ishq the drama serial with an intense title is an exquisite love trio of Roshini, Rayhan, and Rania. The script is beautifully penned down by Misbah Nousheen. Mikaal Zulfiqaar is brilliantly carrying his role as Rayhan who passionately loves Roshini but is forced to get engaged with his cousin Rania. Hiba Bukari and Kiran Malik are also giving their finest performances in this play.

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After Rayhan’s engagement, Rayhan offers Roshini and her mother a ride to drop them back at their house. Rania’s Mother is so arrogant and proud that while distributing bukshish dresses to the maids, she calls Roshini but then gives the dress to Rehmat buwa to give it to Roshini. Rehmat hands the bakshish suit in front of Rayhan and it makes him mad. He is disgusted by the arrogant act of his phuphu that she is giving Roshini the status of a maid while she is the hier of his chacha’s property. He strongly protest in front of his phupho and shows his anger and throws the suit on his phuhpo’s feet.


Rania’s mother is extremely angry and worried that why Rayhan is so concerned about Roshini and she is also wondering where is Umer. She discusses it with his father but he snubs him by saying that she should not interfere in Roshini’s personal family matters. Umer’s mother is searching desperately for Umer, she goes to the factory where he works and asks his colleague about his whereabouts, he tells her that he has no idea but he will definitely tell her if he finds out anything about him.


Roshini’s mother is becoming suspicious about the fact that where is Umer, he has not called him and it has been months now. She asks Roshini to call Umer and let her talk with him as she has to discuss some important matters. Roshini gets panicked and calls Rayhan and tells him that mother is insisting her to call Umer. While she is talking to  Rayhan about what she will do and how will she tell her mother that Umer has divorced her, her mother hears all this conversation and gets fainted.

Umer, on the other hand, gets to know through his friend that her mother is searching for him, he feels bad about his mother and he has a heated argument with his girlfriend.


Rayhan stays up the whole night at Roshini’s place taking care of Roshini and her mother. Rania’s mother wonders where is Rayhan all night but when her mother tells them that he is with his friend and he is hospitalized, Rania’s mother suggests Rayhan’s father to keep an eye on his whereabouts. Roshini’s mother is extremely upset about her daughter’s divorce and she is very worried about her future. She literally begs Rayhan to marry Roshini.

Will Rayhan marry his love? we have to wait for the next episode to find that out!

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