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Ramz e Ishq Episode-21 Review: Rania is now envying Roshni and Rayhan’s closeness

Roshini tells Rayhan not to disclose about their nikkah

Ramz e Ishq Episode-21 ReviewIn this episode Rania is now envying Roshni and Rayhan's closeness - OyeYeah

Ramz e Ishq, a beautiful story about a love triangle has aired its latest episode on Geo Entertainment. The play is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. Mikaal Zulfiqar is very brilliantly carrying his role as Rayhan and Hiba Bukhari and Kiran Malik are also giving their finest performances in this play.

Rayhan is taking great care of Roshini and Rania is getting envious of their closeness. She tries to play her cards very smartly, as she pretends of being really sweet and caring to Roshini. Rania offers her condolences to Roshini over her mother’s death, and then she tries to get close to Roshini.  She offers her to go on shopping.

Upon seeing Rania talking with Roshini in a very friendly manner, Rayhan is wondering what new scheme is Rania planning this time.


Umer gets ditched by his love, his girlfriend leaves him in the middle of nowhere. Mariam sends him a voice note which says that she is forced to leave him as she has failed to convince her father. She asks him to start his life once again and try not to hate her. Umer’s whole life plays like a flash story in his mind now, recalling how he ruthlessly divorced Roshini and leaves his mother crying. It seems that it is Karma which is now hitting Umer hard. He is extremely worried that where he will go and how will he get back to his life there.


Baray Sahab tells Rayhan that he will name all of Wajahat’s property to Roshini. He wants her to be happy but when Rayhan tries to solve Umer’s issue and he suggests divorce but Baray Sahab opposes this idea strongly. Now Rayhan is worrying that what he will do as they have no proof of Roshini’s divorce except what was only present in person and is witness to what Umer said verbally and that he cannot show to the world. Now he is thinking that he needs to make his moves very smartly.


Roshini and Rania go for shopping despite Rayhan’s opposition, he tells Roshini to be very careful as she does not know Rania’s nature. Well they both were shopping when Rayhan makes his entry and Rania is making an impression that Rayhan has come there to meet her. They go to a place for dinner and Rania makes Roshini feel that it is a very expensive restaurant and must have come for the first time and then she says that she and Rayhan love Continental but she will order something Desi for her. Rayhan says that he also want to eat Desi. It makes Rania mad but she does not make it evident that her mood is spoiled by Rayhan’s attitude

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