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Ramz e Ishq Episode 22 Review: Rania is thinking of taking Roshini’s help

The drama serial Ramz e Ishq is one of the most engaging drama serials, based on a love triangle. The play is penned down by Misbah Nousheen and she has very brilliantly written the plot. The story moves around three main characters Rayhan who passionately is in love with his cousin Roshini and Roshini who secretly loves Rayhan but does not show it and then Rania who loves Rayhan but Rayhan has no feelings for her. Rayhan has secretly done Nikkah with Roshini and at the same time, Rayhan is also forcefully engaged with Rania.

The episode begins when Rayhan, Roshini, and Rayhan were in the restaurant and Rania tries to look down on Roshini by saying that she likes Desi Food so she will order Desi Food for her. It burns Rania when Rayhan says that he will also eat Desi Food. Rania’s mother tells Rania to stay cool and try to be nice with Roshini in order to make Rayhan happy. Rania’s mother never misses any chance to degrade Roshini she tells Umer’s mother to make her work also. She is really mad that why Baray Sahab is giving her Wajahat’s property. She opposes it so much so that she even discusses it with her brother and asks him to convince their father not to give Roshini her share.


Baray Sahab along with Rayhan visits Roshini’s room and it makes Rania’s mother suspicious that what they are going to do and why they have gone into her room. She silently follows them and starts eavesdropping. Baray Sahab is handing over Roshini all her property’s original papers in a file and instructing her to take care of it, despite of Roshini’s refusing he insists that she should keep the file with her.


Umer is back in Pakistan and he is thinking how to get back to his old life and how to beg forgiveness from Baray Sahab. He is living in a local hotel and from there he calls his mother for the very first time, she starts crying on hearing his voice, she tells him that Baray Sahab is extremely angry on him and he should be ready for a severe punishment. He is wondering that if they do not know about the divorce if Roshini and Rayhan have not disclosed this then he will have a chance but he is wondering why they will do that.


Rania very excitedly asks Roshini to help her find the favorite stuff of Rayhan in wedding preparations. Rayhan badly snubs Rania for entering into his room without knocking as he is talking with Roshini on phone. Rania is extremely worried about Rayhan’s attitude, she is fearing that he might refuse to marry him. Rania is seriously thinking to take the help of Roshini, little she knows that Rayhan is in Roshini’s room expressing his love to her.

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