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Ramz e Ishq Episode-24 Review: Umer abducts Roshini on Rayhan’s wedding night

Dada sahab has clearly told Umer that there is no place for him left!


The exquisite love trio Ramz e Ishq is one of the most engaging serials in the running. Penned down by Misbah Nousheen the play revolves around a love triangle of Roshini, Rayhan, and Rania. In this episode, Rayhan and Roshini are getting closer like never before but then Rayhan is forced to marry Rania and at his Wedding night Umer abducts Roshini.

The episode begins when Rayhan is sleeping at Roshini’s bedroom and Roshini seems so happy to see him sleeping on her bed, well to do that in the house full of people is a very bold and risky step by Rahyan but Rayhan sleeping on Rania’s bed is speaking volumes about their closeness. However, it makes Roshini sad that she has to share him with Rania.


Rania and Rayhan’s wedding preparations are going in full swing. Rayhan is posing in front of Rania that he is not liking Roshini and also her presence in between Rania and him. Rania is super happy to know that and by doing that Rayhan saves himself from Rania’s suspicions. He gets more time and chances to get close to Roshini without any interruption or fear of getting caught. Roshini, on the other hand, tells him to be careful and she is extremely sad to realize that she is now going to share him with Rania.


Rania and Rayhan’s mehndi ceremony is going, Roshini looks very sad when Dada Sahab asks her to come on stage and apply mehndi to the couple. Rania’s mother clearly stops Rania to apply mehndi on Rania’s hands as she is not happily married. Rayhan’s mother asks her to do the ritual on Rayhan’s hand she is doing that right at the moment, Umer comes with a gift shocking Roshini to death but Dada Sahab intervenes and slaps hard on his face and tells him to go away as they have no space for him. He says that he has a relation with Roshini on which Dada Sahab clearly tells him not to name Roshini he has no relation with her.


Rayhan tries to comfort Roshini who is very upset about Umer’s sudden arrival, he says that she has not to worry he will not let anyone do any injustice to her. He will soon reveal the reality to Dada Sahab and everything will be okay but Roshini is fearing that something bad going to happen with her. On Rayhan and Rania’s wedding night, a girl tells Roshini that someone is calling her. She comes out to see who is there on the street which was deserted at the time, but Umer comes in a van and abducts Roshini! the same girl tells everyone that Roshini is kidnapped and Rayhan leaves the stage and goes to search for her in panic leaving the bride alone.

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