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Ramz e Ishq Episode 25 Review: Umer shoots Rayhan

Rania has realized that Roshin is special for Rayhan


Ramz e Ishq one of the most interesting love stories, beautifully penned down by Misbah Nousheen is one of our most awaited drama serials of the week. The plot of the play is getting more and more intense and interesting. The play has taken a very dramatic turn as Umer abducts Roshini at Rayhan’s wedding night.

Rayhan is extremely worried when he comes to know that Umer has kidnapped Roshini he leaves the stage and his bride and runs after searching madly for Roshini. Rania is sent to her room and there she is dressed as a bride waits for Rayhan for the whole night. Where Rayhan and his father is clueless in knowing where Roshini is.


Rania waiting the whole night has fully realized that Roshini has a special place in Rayhan’s heart and she has no importance in Rayhan’s life. She tries to show his anger to Rayhan on which Rayhan clearly says that finding Roshini is her obligation and she has no right to stop him. Rania is crying her heart out that Roshini has eaten up all her happiness. While on the other hand thankless Umer has totally forgotten his place he is being very merciless to Roshini.


Baray Sahab is very disturbed about this. Rania’s mother is wondering why Baray Sahab is over reacting over Umer taking away Roshini as he is her husband. While Rayhan’s father is also wondering that Roshini may have gone with Umer on her will but then Rayhan corrects him that there is no relationship between them and also that Roshini is not happy with her marriage. Rayhan takes the help of Police and they contact all top Police Officers and minister. Their phone numbers are tapped and it seems that they have also traced Umer’s location.


Umer is pressurizing Roshini to ask her dada for her share in the property and they will be going to share it. He says that for the world he is still her husband. Rayhan with a pistol in his hand is taking his position and he is heading up vigilantly to the place where Umar has kept Roshini. Rayhan enters the room and points pistol at Umer and asks him to leave Roshini. He leaves her but then he pushes her from the back and she is about to fell when Rayhan holds her in his arms and there Umer takes advantage of his position and he opens fire on Rayhan!



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