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Ramz e Ishq Episode-26 Review: Roshini is rescued but Umer escapes

The beautiful love trio running at Geo Entertainment is one of the most engaging drama serials in the running based on a love triangle, beautifully written by Misbah Nousheen. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Malik have given the best of their performances in the play. In this episode, Roshini is rescued but Rayhan gets injured by the shot Umer fired at him.

Roshini dreams that Umer fires a shot at Rayhan she gets so terrified that she calls his name on which Umer teases her. She is ready to make a deal with Umer just because she wants a divorce. Umer serves her lunch and opens her arms on her demand and his mobile is lying on the charpaee well one wonders why he is keeping his cell phone so near to her and on top of that, he has no lock-in his phone. He leaves Roshini with his arms open and leaves the room, Roshini sends the location to Rayhan.


Rayhan at that time was having dinner with Rania when she gets the message and the location. He leaves Rania at that place and heads towards the location. Roshini is not much hopeful she thinks that he might be busy with Rania. She is surprised when Rayhan enters the room with Police. Umer fires a shot on Rayhan in panic and he is successfully escapes from the scene. Well in the presence of a group of policemen Umer manages to escape it speaks volumes about our police.


Umer tells his friend that he has done all that in panic and he is doing that all because he wants some money for survival he does not love Roshini nor he wants to keep her as a wife all he needs is money. He asks his friend to help him out on which he reluctantly agrees. Rania and her mother are super angry on Rayhan getting injured just because of Roshini. Baray Sahab is too shocked to know that Umer has shot Rayhan but he does not say anything to Rehmat Buwa he says that she has nothing to do with his son and she can live in this house.


Roshini goes to Rayhan’s room to see Rayhan but Rania does not let her meet him and she very badly insults her. Roshini goes back to her bedroom crying, Rayhan has heard all what has Rania said to Roshini then he badly snubs Rania for insulting Roshini and not letting her meet him. He himself goes to her room and there Roshini too shares that Umer has offered her some sort of deal, she tells Rayhan that all Umer want is money nothing else.

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