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Ramz e Ishq Episode-27 Review: Roshini is expecting Rayhan’s child

Ramz e Ishq the love triangle running on GEO Entertainment is one of the most engaging Prime Time watch, the plot of the play is well written by Misbah Nousheen. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Malik are brilliantly playing their roles in this exquisite love trio. In this episode, things are getting more and more complex for Roshini and Rayhan as Roshini is expecting Rayhan’s child but everyone thinks that it is Umer’s child.

The episode begins when Rayhan and Rania is having a very heated argument, Rania is asking him for the honeymoon trip plan and he clearly refuses to go with her on honeymoon on which Rania loses her cool and she starts blaming Roshini for eating up her happiness, she starts spewing her venom against Roshini so much so that she says that she is going to kill to her on which Rayhan’s level of patience reaches its culmination and he slaps hard on her face. Later he has to apologize when his mother schools him for slaping Rania.


Roshini is not feeling well, she is being nauseating, Rania’s mother predicts on the dinning table that Roshini is expecting on which Dada Sahab gets very furious and he scolds her daughter for saying such stuff. He cannot bear to hear that Roshini is having Umer’s child as he does not want to keep any relationship with Umer. On the other hand Rayhan is worrying that things are getting too complex for him and Roshini as he knows that it is his child but for the world it is Umer’s child.


Roshini goes for the checkup with Rayhan’s mother and she gets the result what she is fearing the most, she is pregnant and things are getting worse in her favor. Roshini tries to tell Rayhan’s mother to hide this fact but she says that they cannot hide this obvious fact. Rania and her mother are super happy that Roshini is finally getting reconciled with Umer and they are in search of Umer so that they can reunite Roshini with Rayhan and Rania can get rid of her. Umer on the other hand is in search of a chance to get some money.


Baray Sahab has made up his mind that they will not going to let Roshini keep Umer’s child, he demands for the abortion. Rania’s mother tries hard to convince Baray Sahab not to do that but he is resolute that he want no relation with Umer. Rayhan’s mother overheard Roshini crying and sharing with Rayhan that how will she tell this world that this child is not Umer’s.

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