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Ramz e Ishq Episode-28 Review: Roshini finally spill the beans about her divorce

Umer and Rania have joined in to plot against Roshini!

Ramz e Ishq Episode-28 ReviewIn this episode Roshini finally spill the beans about her divorce - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ramz e Ishq, the drama serial running on Geo Entertainment, is one of the most interesting and engaging drama serials in the running. Misbah Nousheen has very artfully set the plot. The love trio is getting more and more intense as Roshini starts expecting Rayhan’s child and the whole family is mistaking her for carrying Umer’s child.

Rayhan’s mother asks him about what is going between him and Roshini and why she is telling him that this child is not Umer’s and if it is not Umer’s then whose child is this? Rayhan then has no other choice except to share all the reality with her mother. He tells her about Umer divorcing Roshni and about the secret marriage as his Chachi requested. Hearing all this makes Umer’s mother relaxed and she is happy that Umer has done the right thing. Now her only worry is about Roshini to get her due respect and position in the house on which Rayhan says that he will take any stand for her.


Rayhan gets disturbed when he hears Rania saying that Baray Sahab wants to abort Umer’s child. He tells Rania that he should not to do that, he should think of Roshini’s happiness. Rania by chance meets Umer at a mall and there she offers him a hefty amount of money and asks for his help. He tells her to bring police at the Haveli and claim his wife. He tells him that he has divorced Roshini on which she still insists him.


Umer shamelessly comes at the Haveli with the Police on which the whole family is getting furious particularly Baray Sahab and Rayhan. Rania’s mother and Rania starts blaming Roshini for calling Umer and that she herself wants to go with him and insisting Baray Saab to send Roshini with Umer on which poor Roshini begs that she does not want to go with him and she has no choice but to spill the beans about her divorce in front of all!


Everyone is surprised to hear about Umer divorcing her except Rania and her mother. Baray Sahab and Rayhan asks Umer to sign the divorce papers but Umer says that he has a condition Baray Sahab says he will accept that but first he has to sign the divorce the papers on which he signs the papers and Rania is fearing that he might spill the secret that she has the one who has asked him to bring Police. Baray Sahab’s tone is saying that he is going to punish Umer.

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