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Ramz e Ishq Episode 29 Review: Rayyan eventually tells everyone that Roshini is his wife

Dada happily accepts Rayyan and Roshini's Nikkah

Ramz e Ishq Episode 29 ReviewIn this episode Rayyan eventually tells everyone that Roshini is his wife - OyeYeah News

One of the most engaging drama serials running on Geo Entertainment is 7th Sky Production’s Ramz e Ishq, the play is a beautiful love triangle which is now getting more complex and intense. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Malik are giving their best performances in this play.

The episode begins when Umer signs the divorce papers and then Rayyan brings Police to arrest him. Umer was not expecting this and he realizes that he is ditched and Rania has also ditched him, he names her too but nobody listens to him which is kind of strange as Rayyan should have listen to him as he has clearly named her. Rania is extremely worried that she will get in trouble but thankfully no one has really paid any attention to what Umer said to Rania which is kind of strange.


Roshini is officially divorced and Baray Sahab hand over her the divorce papers while carrying so much guilt in his heart. He begs for forgiveness from her on which Roshini says that she has no bad feelings for him, in fact, he is the only one she can trust after her father and mother. Rania’s mother tries to vilify Roshini’s character but Baray Sahab snubs her badly, he says that now his eyes are open and he would not let anything bad happen to his granddaughter. The father and daughter exchange some heated arguments.


Rania and her mother are trying their best to turn the things into their own favor but things are not going according to their wish. Rania is extremely worried and she is fearing that Rayyan is going to marry Roshini. Her mother advises her to plan her own family that is why she has no fear of Rayyan getting anywhere else but when she expresses her desire to plan her family Rayyan clearly refuses her by saying that he has no such plans and why she is in so much hurry.


Rania’s mother insists Roshini to kill her baby as she cannot let her have Umer’s baby nor Dada Sahab wants that but Roshini is not agreeing to do that on which Rayyan intervenes and he has left with no choice but to tell everyone that it is not Umer’s but it is his own child and Roshini is his lawful wife. Rania is badly shocked to learn that and she faints at the spot. On the other hand, Dada Sahab is also shocked and worried but he happily accepts Rayyan’s choice and he really appreciates him.

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