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Ramz e Ishq Episode-30 Review: Rania attempts to kill Roshini

Rania's mother is plotting to kick off Roshini

Ramz e Ishq Episode-30 ReviewIn this episode Rania attempts to kill Roshini - OyeYeah News

Geo Entertainment’s 7th Sky Productions Ramz e Ishq is a drama serial based on an intense love triangle.  late legendary actor Abid Ali in this play performed a very pivotal role of Baray Sahab, it was his last work for the television. The plot is well set by the writer Misbah Nousheen, the play is full of intrigues and Rania’s mother has already start plotting against Roshini.

The episode begins when Rania in a fit of anger and jealousy gets mad, and she goes straight at Roshini’s room and attempts to kill her by suffocating her with a pillow but Rayhan timely saves her. He gets really mad at her and throws her out of the room. The next day Baray Sahab snubs Rania and her mother on her conduct but Rania instead of feeling any shame demands Rayhan to divorce Roshini on which Rayhan clearly says that he is never going to divorce her.


Rania is really mad at Roshini and she cannot stand the fact that she is actually sharing Rayhan. She abuses Roshini and tells Rayhan that she is a second-hand girl as she was married to Umer before but no venom of her against Roshini affects Rayhan, he is standing strong besides Roshini. Rayhan is happy to know that Roshini is conceiving his child but little they care that it is very dangerous for Roshini to live in that Haveli in such condition having Rania in the same place.


Rayhan’s mother is extremely worried about Roshini and he tells her husband that she will never let anyone come in between her son and his happiness. He is fearing that Rania might hurt Roshini. Baray Sahab clearly tells Rania’s mother to tell Rania to behave properly and accepts Roshini as Rayhan’s wife, it is nothing bad in that Man can keep more than one wife. Rania and her mother get more jealous when they see Rayhan’s mother caring for Roshini.


Rania’s mother recalls that day when Roshini’s mother ruined her married life and how her husband divorced her because of her brother, Roshini’s father married Roshini’s mother instead of marrying her sister in law and now Roshini is now ruining Rania’s life, she is resolute that she will never let this happen. She is plotting to throw Roshini out of Rayhan’s life and she has start working on it too. Rania’s mother meets Rehmat Buwa and tries to show some fake sympathies to her by saying that she knows how being a mother she is dying to meet Umer and she also suggests her that if she wants Umer back she can ask Roshini for help as Baray Abba only listens to her but Rehmat refuses to act on this advice.

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