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Ramz e Ishq Episode-31 Review: Roshini survives an attempt of poisoning

Rania's mother poisoned Roshini

Ramz e Ishq Episode-31 ReviewIn this episode Roshini survives an attempt of poisoning - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ramz e Ishq the drama serial based on an intense love triangle, aired last night its 31st Episode on GEO Entertainment. The plot is well set by Misbah Nousheen and despite going to 30 plus episodes the story has not dragged a bit and it is getting more and more engaging. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Malik have given their best performance in the play.

The episode begins when Rayhan’s mother is discussing Rania’s inappropriate behavior with Rayhan, how she has destroyed Roshini’s new clothes she brought for her. Rayhan ensures her mother that he is going to handle all this situation. He takes Roshini for shopping and she is deliberately ignoring Rania. When Rania confronts Rayhan he clearly tells her that for him Roshini is more important than her as she is expecting her child and he can never think of leaving her.


Rania is heartbroken to hear that she has no place in Rayhan’s life and she expresses her broken feelings to her mother whose evil mind is already cooking something against Roshini. Poor Rehmat Buwa gathers some courage and pleads Roshini to convince Baray Sahab to forgive Umer and spare him. Roshini is such a kind heart girl that she agrees to help Buwa despite of knowing what Umer has done with her.


Rania’s mother poisoned a glass of juice and asks Rehmat Buwa to give that juice to Roshini and makes sure that she drinks it. Roshini is convincing Baray Sahab to forgive Umer as Buwa cannot live without his son when Buwa enters the room she gets delighted to know that Baray Sahab is considering to forgive Umer. She makes her drink the juice in front of Baray Sahab and later Roshini is found unconscious in her room. Rania and her mother are happy that Roshini’s chapter is going to get closed soon.


Well, miraculously Roshini survives that fatal attempt of poisoning, she and her baby is safe. The doctor shares that someone tried to poison her, which alarmed everyone. They are wondering who could have done that. Rania’s mother cunningly puts the whole blame on poor Rehmat Buwa and Baray Abba believes in what Safia said. Rehmat Buwa is so depressed and heartbroken that it seems that she has taken this insult on her heart.

Aqeel, Rayan’s father, overhears Rania and her mother’s conversation where they were discussing their disappointment on the failure of their attempt of poisoning Roshini and Safia is telling her daughter that she will try something else, she does not have to worry as no one knows that they have poisoned Roshini as she has blamed Buwa for that. Aqeel enters the room and snubs her sister and her daughter for such a heinous act. It seems that Rania is going to lose her place.

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