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Ramz e Ishq Episodes 19 and 20 Review: Rayhan secretly performs Nikkah with Roshini

Ramz e Ishq is the exquisite love story which is actually a love trio of Roshini, Rayhan, and Rania and is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch. The play is getting more and more interesting and intense as the story proceeds. The highlights of these episodes are that Rayhan secretly performs Nikkah with Roshini and her mother dies the next day. Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Malik are giving their best performances in the play.

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The episode begins when Mikaal says to his Chachi, Roshini’s mother that he will happily fulfill her wish. Roshini tries to resist but her mother stops her for saying anything. Mikaal secretly performs Nikkah with Roshini. Well on the other side Phupho and Baray Sahab and Rayhan’s father are wondering about Rayhan’s whereabouts. His father calls him at the time when he is performing Nikkah with Roshini. Rayhan makes a fake excuse that his friend is in hospital and he is with him. Rania wants to inquire him about his friend too and says that she will go and visit him on which Rayhan very rudely refuses her by saying that yes he is ashamed of their relationship.


Roshini’s mother dies the very next day of the nikkah. Roshini is grieving her mother when Rayhan and Dada comes at Roshini’s room and tells her that now she is going to live with them in the haveli. Dada Sahab seeks forgiveness from Roshini on all his past conduct and injustices he has done with her. He says he is ashamed that what Umer has done with her. Well, here we are confusing that is Dada know about Roshini’s divorce or not ? Anyways Rayhan is taking great care of Roshini which is making Rania jealous.


Umer is extremely worried about her mother being England well, one wonders how come he is living in England like that for four months? Mariam tells him that his father wants to meet him and he has exactly half an hour to impress his father. Mariam’s father insults Umer and reminds him of his background and reality. Umer tells Mariam that his father has insulted him and he has reminded him of his past. Mariam says that she has nothing to do with his past or family background. He tries to call Mariam but she is not picking his call.


Rayhan is taking great care of Roshini and Dada Sahab is also very worried about her. Rania is getting jealous to see Rayhan’s inclination towards Roshini. Roshini has tried to tell Rayhan that he has not to take any pressure on himself, she is sorry that her mother has made has dragged her into this mess but he is free to do whatever he wants. Rayhan assures her that she is his happiness and that he has no regrets. Rania and her mother on the other side are planning how to attract Rayhan when her mother suggests to her that she should take help of Roshini. Will Roshini herself tell Rayhan to come close to Rania? Will Rayhan ever be able to give Roshini her due rights?

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