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Ramz e Ishq Last Episode Review: A Utopian Ending

All is well that ends well!

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Ramz e Ishq, the 7th Sky Productions play airing on Geo Entertainment has come to its end. The ending has been a satisfying one where every issue gets settled. Writer Misbah Nousheen has very artfully penned down the plot. Well, by looking at the title, a tragic end was being expected but the ending turned out to be a happy one where all the things get settled for good. 

Roshini survives the fatal attempt of poisoning. Aqeel overhears Rania and her mother’s conversation about poisoning Roshini, Aqeel’s level of patience has reached its limit, he snubs both of them and also tells Baray Sahab about it. Baray Sahab slaps hard on Safia’s face and asks her to apologize to Rehmat Buwa, Safia agrees but then they hear Buwa’s death news. Poor loyal Rehmat Buwa does not deserve this tragic death.


It looks so tragic when Umar arrives at his mother’s funeral and he seeks forgiveness from Baray Sahab, he asks to forgive him for her dead mother’s sake, Baray Sahab heartily forgives him. Then Baray Sahab asks Safia to leave their house and to move starts to other bungalow in Defence. Safia and Rania are shocked to hear this, Furthermore Baray Sahab suggests Rayhan that he may leave Rania if he wants on which Rania gets worried but then Roshini intervenes and says that Rayhan should not divorce Rania and moreover she says that she has no issues with Rania if she will live with her in a sisterly way.


Baray Sahab orders that for time being Rania and Roshini cannot stay under one roof so Rania and Safia should immediately move into the other house. Safia eventually feels guilty over her behavior and conduct, she cannot bear this pain that her father does not want to talk to her. Rayhan also is not keeping any contact with Rania. Rania blames her mother for her wrong upbringing. Meanwhile, Roshini gives birth to a beautiful baby boy and few months pass by.


Roshini herself asks Baray Sahab to forgive Safia and Rania as she thinks that he should have the heart to forgive them. Roshini is shown as an epitome of goodness and kindness, relationships matter a lot to her and she believes in making strong bonds not in breaking relationships. Roshini knows that Rania madly loves Rayhan and whatever she has done with her is just because she passionately loves Rayhan. Safia and Rania come back and they both seek forgiveness from Roshini. Roshini forgives then and introduces her son to Rania as Rania’s son and Rayhan asks Rania to name his child. Rania is grateful and euphoric to see Rayhan’s son. What a utopian ending! In the real world, it is quite hard for a toxic person to transform into an all-good person. Well, all well that ends well.

What do you think of this last episode? do let us know.

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