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Raqs e Bismil Ep-9 Review: Zohra rejects Moosa Once Again

Raqs e Bismil the drama serial airing at HUM TV is indeed one of the best serials in the running. With its interesting yet intriguing plot, the story penned down by Hashim Nadeem is getting intense. In the previous episode, we have seen that Moosa (Imran Ashraf) begs his mother to let him have Zohra (Sarah Khan) and his mother makes up her mind to talk with Zohra. In this episode, Moosa’s mother arrives at Zohra’s Kohta astonishing Anna Jee and everyone there.

One of the most heart-touching parts is when Anna Jee very respectfully and kindly treats Moosa’s mother, she tells her that this is not a place for her to come. This place is certainly not up to her honor and caliber. The way Moosa’s mother expresses her helplessness in front of Anna Jee and Zohra is also very heartbreaking. Moosa’s mother requests Zohra to tell Moosa that he should not think about her and to leave her. Zohra agrees to help Moosa’s mother despite Anna Jee’s disapproval. Zohra is all set to once again reject poor Moosa, she will tell him to forget her.

Malik Sheharyar, on the other hand, is very deeply interested in Zohra and Zohra is as usual showing him attitude. She even turns down another invitation to the party he is throwing especially for her, well one wonders how come an escort has that many tantrums? Why she behaves with men like this? For a woman with this background, Zohra is shown too much arrogant and it does not look realistic. Malik Sheharyaar shares with his friend that he wants Zohra at any cost. He says that he wants to take Zohra in his Nikkah and the way he says that shows that he does not have any respect for this holy bond.

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Malik Sheharyaar has some sinister vibes, the way he is referring himself as Shikaari and calling Zohra as a Prey speaks volumes about his lusty nature who does not know anything about love. Unlike Moosa, Malik does not respect Zohra, he has nothing to do with her soul. He wants Zohra’s company and that is all. He has no intentions of taking that Nikkah seriously. He asks his friend to take his Nikkah proposal to Anna Jee and he is also offering a hefty amount of money to Anna jee against it.

Moosa’s fiance and her undying affinity for Moosa is not making any sense. It has hardly been few days since her engagement has taken place with Moosa and they have not talked for real, so how come Sitara has developed such strong feelings for him? Sitara is not ready to break her relationship with Moosa despite knowing that Moosa is madly in love with Harlot, she requests him not to break their engagement.

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