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Raqs e Bismil Ep-10 Review: Moosa’s mother pleads Zohra to part her ways with him

Moosa saves Sakina from a mishap

Raqs e Bismil Ep-10 ReviewRaqs e Bismil Ep-10 Review - OyeYeah Reviews

Raqs e Bismil running at HUM TV is indeed a very intense drama serial about love and passion and also the play very artfully depicts the helplessness in love. In the previous episode, we have seen that Moosa’s mother meets Zohra (Sarah Khan) and she pleads her to tell Moosa (Imran Ashraf) to leave her whereas Moosa on the other hand is expecting that her mother has gone there for his proposal which is again making no sense at all as he knows well that nothing can go against his father’s wish.

This episode begins when Moosa is anticipating some positive reply from Zohra’s side. He is expecting that his mother might have talked about his proposal to Anna jee but one wonders how naive Moosa is? how can he fancy in his wildest dreams that his mother will take his proposal for an escort? He has no idea that his mother has actually pleaded Zohra to part her ways with him.

Zohra meets Moosa, she tells him that she cannot marry him as they are poles apart, they are like two sides of a river who can never meet. Zohra very wisely tries to convince Moosa that she will always be a misfit for his family even if she gets married to him. She very intelligently covers his mother’s intentions and pretends that it is her own wish that she does not want him to bother her again. Moosa’s heart is broken to know that Zohra has no value for his love and passion, his world turns upside down but he gathers courage and tells Zohra that he will never come in her way again. Zohra also refuses the very attractive proposal of Malik, which seems too odd and unrealistic, Anna jee agrees with what Zohra says and refuses such a tempting offer, this goes entirely out of her character as an escort.

Sakina on the other hand is planning to elope with her lover. Sakina is a victim of suppression, she is meant to create feelings of sympathy in us for her but her character is somehow been portrayed in such a negative light that we fail to feel any sort of sympathy for her, she is shown as a vile character who somehow needs to get punished. Well, we actually feel sympathies for poor Issa.

Sakina plans out her elopement, she is all set to leave Issa and everything behind and she is planning to start a new life with her lover, despite her lover’s resistance she is still persistent to take such a heinous step. As she is portrayed in a negative light, we have to see some sort of bad thing happening to her. It is shown that Sakina’s lover could not come to his friend’s house at the decided time and Sakina gets trapped by his loafer and characterless friends of her lover, who are having bad intentions of raping Sakina, they also shame her as a characterless woman who herself is disgracing her family and sanctuary of marriage. Sakina is in real trouble and that men are about to do something terrible with her when Moosa enters that house. Moosa once again saves Sakina. It says that your company defines who you are so Sakina’s lover’s company speaks volumes about his own character, in that way Moosa is right to save his sister from marrying a man who is not worthy enough to marry.

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