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Raqs e Bismil Episode-21 Review: Moosa desperately searching for Zohra

Raqs e Bismil’s latest episode airing on HUM TV is quite underwhelming. The story is not making any sense at all. The far-fetching links of Saranga and now Touqeer’s are not making sense at all and they are not gelling well altogether. Moosa being the only saving grace of this serial, the scenes where Moosa appears looks interesting otherwise the whole episode is quite boring. In the previous episode, we have seen Zohra in the custody of Faizi in this episode too Zohra remains in his custody.

The opening scene of Moosa and Anna Jee is powerful where Anna begs Moosa’s forgiveness and pleads him to get her Zohra back. Moosa is shattered to know about Zohra being divorced by Makik Sheharyar. He goes to Malik Sheharyar’s place but he is not present there. The helplessness of Moosa is so heart-wrenching, he desperately searches for Zohra but he fails to find her anywhere.

Tauqeer’s fan appearance in jail and his attempt to enlighten Tauqeer with all the present situation of Saranga’s influence in Jail and Moosa’s involvement all seem so far-fetching. How come Saranga sitting there and watching Touqeer, letting him talk to a jailer who is giving him so many details? Touqeer despite getting so much dose of beating is still after Laila’s murder plan and getting her property all to seem unrealistic. Not at all a convincing plot.

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Zohra is so much under the spell of medicine intoxication that she cannot even stand at her own feet and Faizi’s annoying greedy wife is not letting her gain consciousness. Faizi comes to know about her divorce as well and he has realized that Malik Sheharyar is not going to give anything for Zohra so he meets Touqeer in the Jail. Well, I wonder why Saranga and his goons have not noticed Faizi and Tauqeer’s meeting in the jail? Faizi and Tauqeer are planing a lethal plot against Moosa and Zohra.

Laila jee’s character is not making any sense as well. The way she once again accepts Faizi at her office is not convincing knowing that he is a partner in crime with Touqeer in planning her murder? Well, I wonder how come Moosa knows that he is a partner in crime with Touqeer? Anyways Faizi tries to make Moosa even more desperate for Zohra by saying that he fears Malik Sheharyar might have murdered her. Moosa is extremely anxious but Namuraad tries to instill in him some hope by telling him that he is sure that Zohra is still alive. The episode ends when Namuraad gets alarmed with the mention of Faizi will he help Moosa to Know Faizi’s real intentions?

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