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Raqs e Bismil Episode-22 Review: What a wishy washy affair!

Zohra is still in Faizi's cusody

Raqs e Bismil Episode-22 ReviewRaqs e Bismil Episode-22 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

HUM TV’s Raqs e Bismil is truly a one-man serial, it is Moosa (Imran Ashraf) centric, and other than that there are many shortcomings in the plot and directional flaws. This episode is again a wishy-washy affair, with flaws in direction as well as the story itself is not making any sense. In the previous episode, we have seen Moosa desperately searching for Zohra and in this episode, Moosa is manipulated by Faizi to kill Malik Sheharyar and surprisingly Moosa is more interested in killing Malik Sheharyaar than finding Zohra. However, Malik Sheharyar is saved.

At the beginning of the episode, we are expecting that Namuraad will get alarmed with Faizi’s call and he will going to warn Moosa to stay away from Faizi. Namuraad is working as a lyricist for Laila’s company for quite a long time and it is shown that Namuraad is aware of Faizi and Tauqeer’s conspiring against Laila. Being a smart person Namuraad must be aware of Faizi’s evil nature. We were expecting that he is going to stop Moosa from committing such a huge blunder of trusting Faizi but he did not.

Then there is an unnecessary filler sort of flashback where Moosa is raising a very valid question from his father that does our place of birth defines our character and respect in society? if that is the case then our efforts of being good all go vain. That question is really valid and is a strong dialogue, it is quite impactful but if that actually happened this question must have disturbed Peer Sahab not his mother that much, this question should haunt Peer Sahab. However, that scene seems unnecessary and that flashback, if that happened, is not gelling well with the story and Peer Sahab’s behavior. The sequences of events are not connecting well with this flashback and all together they not making perfect sense.

This episode is also dragged by Laila jee’s pathetic performance, her dialogue delivery and her expressions all are so poorly executed. It is shown that Malik Sheharyar goes to Laila jee’s office and Faizi manipulates the whole situation where Moosa is all set to kill Sheharyaar not realizing that he is the only way through which he can get a clue of Zohra. Well to our surprise Saranga comes right on the spot with Chandpuri and he saves Moosa from Killing Malik Sheharyaar. There is no logical reasoning how come Saranga and Chandpuri get right at that place and time. Well, it seems that there is the whole machinery behind Moosa, supporting him.

Laila jee’s attempt of clearing herself in front of Moosa is so poorly done. How come Laila knows everything about Malik Sheharyaar and his wife and the divorce issue going. If Laila jee knows all that so well then why she has offered him a deal against half of her property!? All of it does not make any sense! The whole script seems flawed with so many loopholes and the direction is equally bad. The episode ends with Zohra’s futile attempt at escape.

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