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Raqs e Bismil Episode-26 Review: Moosa is still searching for Zohra

Another dragged episode, the story has turned tedious


Raqs e Bismil with its 26th Episode down should be wrapped up by now but no this episode is another dragged one making the play more tedious. The plot altogether seems flawed, events are not making any sense nor the characters, dialogues seem forced and boring. The only saving grace of the play is Moosa (Imran Ashraf) and we hardly get to see him for only a couple of scenes rest is just repetition. In the previous episode, Moosa was desperately searching for Zohra and in this episode, Moosa’s search continues.

Zohra meets her sister Chanda and tells her that she is never going to return to  Anna Jee house. She wants to live a respectful life. I don’t know which era of Kohta culture the writer is portraying in this play? Which kind of romanticism is this? Anna has empowered Zohra so much so that she has the power to choose when in reality we see that it is hardly impossible for any escort to get out of the trap of her vicious circle. Well, the writer has his creative liberty, he is trying to portray Umrao Jan Ada era sort of Kohta Culture but there too Umrao was not as empowered as Zohra.

Thank God there is no scene of Laila jee in this episode. We have seen Sakina getting more close and friendly with Zohra. Peer Sahab has made up his mind to marry off Zohra with Ahmad and he has already discussed his intentions with Ahmad. Moosa still is not been able to find Zohra. Issa is not home so there is no way Moosa can find Zohra.

Sitara is back in the story and this time hospitalized with a dead soul. What is her need in this plot? we wish that Sitara and Ahmad fell in love with each other and get married. We know that Sitara is tragedy struck, her wedding is called off because her groom is a drug addict. Moosa coincidentally meets Sitara’s father, he is a Peer himself asks Moosa to come and meet his daughter how inappropriate it sounds to let their daughter meet a young person with whom she is once engaged. Sitara’s deep involvement with Moosa is not making any sense as they were never been in any interactive relationship.

Zohra asks Sakina to show her Moosa’s room? Why? Isn’t she observing Iddat why would she demand to go in Gent’s compound? It sounds so absurd. The romantic connection writer wants to create in Moosa’s room is creating no effect. I thought here Issa will go to find about Zohra but not any such thing happened. The episode ends when Zohra is talking with Anna Jee and Sakina eavesdrop on her conversation, she comes to know that Zareen is actually her Moosa Bhai’s Zohra!

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