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Raqs e Bismil Episode-27 Review: Zohra cannot say no to Peer Sahab!

Don't you think Zohra is being too harsh with Moosa?


Raqs e Bismil the HUM TV drama serial seems to be moving towards its climax. Moosa (Imran Ashraf) being the only soul of the play gives incredible screen presence but the play lacks when it comes to its execution and plot. In the last episode, we were anticipating that Peer Sahab has the intention of marrying off Zareen (Zohra) to Allama Sahab’s novice Ahmad and in this episode, he is all set for the preparations of Nikkah without even caring of asking Zohra’s consent.

The episode begins when Sakina is eavesdropping on Zohra’s conversation with Anna Jee and there she comes to know the real identity of Zohra! Zareen is her Moosa Bhai’s Zohra! Sakina has made up her mind that she will fix whatever damage she has brought to her Moosa Bhai by bringing back his Zohra to him. Sakina wants to see Moosa and Zohra union.

Issa and Sakina’s patch-up seems quite hasty the way Issa agrees on forgiving Sakina when she promises to tell her the news about Zohra. She tells him that Zohra is living in their haveli. Issa straight away goes to break this news to Moosa. Moosa who is desperately searching for Zohra all over the city is wondering at the oddity of the situation that the girl because of her, his father has thrown him out of his haveli, and now that same Zohra is now living in their haveli as a special guest.

Well, one thing sounds so weird that why Saranga and his goons stopped Moosa from going back to his Haveli? Why they are not letting him meet his Zohra? Strangely despite Saranga’s forbidding Moosa is persistent that he will go and save Zohra. He is fearing that the moment his father comes to know about the reality of Zohra he is going to throw her out of the Haveli.

How can Peer Sahab tell Ahmad to start his wedding preparations without even taking the consent of Zohra? Why Peer Sahab’s wife could not come up with a made-up refusal by herself on behalf of Zohra. Why Peer Sahab is so hasty to marry off Zareen with Ahmad? The plot is not setting well. Now all women of the house know the reality of Zohra and they have no issue in making her Moosa’s bride but Zohra ruins all their plans with her accepting Peer Sahab’s suggestion of marrying Ahmad. Zohra fails to say no to Peer Sahab and she agrees on the nikkah suggestion. Don’t you think Zohra is being too harsh with Moosa?

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