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Raqs e Bismil Ep-7 Review: Moosa’s passion costs him a hefty price

The story of drama Raqs e Bismil with 7 episodes down at HUM TV is getting stronger. In this episode Moosa’s downfall has shown, how he lost everything in the way of his passion, he is thrown out by his father from his Family Gaddi. Performances are extremely brilliant and the story is getting more and more intriguing. We have been once again introduced to Malik played by Furqaan, who is going to be a potential rival of Moosa. The story, its execution, and power-packed performances by actors including Imran Ashraf are what make us hooked to the screens.

It was shown in the previous episode that Moosa is disowned by his father, he is not ready to keep him in the house but then Moosa’s Razaee mother gives his father the sake of her sisterhood which eventually makes him agree to keep him in the house. Peer Sahab arranged a Dastaar Bandi event where Essa is crowned with the Dastaar and poor Moosa is ignored like he does not exist. He is sitting in the corner with his head down and it is being noticed by his father-in-law to be.

One of the most heart touching scene is when Essa and his father comes out after Dastaarbandi and Moosa comes forward and he puts chappal in his father’s and then his brother’s feet. The way Essa looks at him and the way he looks at Essa is speaking volumes about the respect and love these two brothers have for each other. Essa is not ready to accept this responsibility, it is Moosa who convinced him that he should not disappoint his father the way he did.

Moosa’s father-in-law to be questions  Moosa’s father for not making his eldest son his Gaddi Nasheen, he asks the reason. Peer Sahab promises Sitara’s father that he will soon provide him with all the details as being the girl’s father he has all the rights to know the reality. Sitara’s father has sensed that Moosa has committed a terrible mistake. He tells his wife that he has decided not to marry off Sitara there as he cannot stand his daughter being lower in standard with Essa’s wife. Sitara overhears all this conversation.

Zohra is portrayed as the stone heart girl when Na Muraad Paan Wala tells her about Moosa losing his family’s property and Gaddi for her, instead of feeling bad she behaves so arrogantly, saying that she is not the reason behind that, it is Moosa himself who is responsible for his own downfall.

Well it seems that Moosa is going to get a potential rival Malik, we have been already introduced to him in the previous episode but in this episode, we know more of him as a married landlord who has a wife in his village and is looking for a company in the city. Malik seems to have a typical feudal mindset but he also seems deeply interested in Zohra. The episode ends when Zohra and Malik meet at a private party especially thrown by Malik for Zohra. Is Malik going to win Zohra’s heart?

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