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Raqs e Bismil Ep-8 Review: A bit underwhelming but strong episode

The hot headed Moosa is tranformed into a benovalent kind heart guy


Raqs e Bismil the drama serial airing on HUM TV is getting more and more intense. This week’s episode seems a bit underwhelming in terms of story progression but in terms of scenes and performances, it’s a strong one. In the episode, we get to know more about Malik Sheharyaar who seems to have gone crazy for Zohra and he seems to be a potential rival of Moosa (Imran Ashraf).

The episode begins with Malik Sheharyaar’s party scene where once again Malik introduces himself to Zohra (Sarah Khan) and also shares with her how anxiously he was waiting for her at the party and that he has specially thrown this party for her. Zohra’s arrogance has not made her moved by Malik’s advances. She poses herself to remain aloof and uninterested and she later expresses her annoyance with her sister for that party and Malik.

Peer Sahab shares with Moosa’s father in law to be that he has disowned Moosa from his family title and he also clearly tells him the reason. Moosa’s father in law is shocked and disappointed on hearing that Moosa is having an affair with a courtesan. He has already made up his mind that he is not going to marry off her daughter there. Moosa’s fiance is deeply hurt but she still does not want to end this relationship, she wants to meet Moosa and ask him that why he has cheated on her?

Sakina on the other hand is planning to run away again with her lover. She has sent a message to him through her best friend. Sakina has no idea that how shameful it is that she is still after a man not realizing that she is now a married woman. Moosa and his mother’s scene is so powerful. The way Moosa demands and insists his mother to let him have Zohra and then how open heartily he says that even if his mother does not fulfill his wish he will have no complaint and issues with her. Zohra’s love has completely transformed Moosa into a kind and benevolent guy.

The way Moosa begs his mother has literally moved his mother’s heart. She is thinking to meet Moosa’s beloved Zohra once. She expresses her demand to her son Essa who clearly tells her that it is not a place for her to go but she insists to arrange her meeting with Zohra. Essa takes her mother there and this episode ends when Anna Jee meets Moosa’s mother.

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