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Romeo Weds Heer ends on a happy note

Sometimes all you want to do is leave your troubles behind and fall into the fantastical world of romantic comedies. With Romeo Weds Heer, we had the perfect drama to unwind and relax from the stressful week, with its light-hearted comedy and romance. From first encounters gone adorably awry to beautiful love sequences that were too good to be true, Romeo Weds Heer was the definition of a perfectly cute rom-com.

Starring the hyped onscreen couple Feroze Khan and Sana Javed as Romeo and Heer, their love story has been a treat to witness all along. With its last episode, we were still touching upon the ups and downs in their relationship, yet it still managed to remain light, funny, and enjoyable. It is visible that Romeo is in an uncomfortable situation; he is clearly in love with Heer but is still marrying someone else. He seems to be absent-minded, and throughout the entire episode, he is reliving the moments he has spent with Heer in his imagination.

After his unexpected decision to marry Shanzay for her happiness, we see Romeo confused throughout, but he still hasn’t reached out to Heer. Heer, on the other hand, seems to have succumbed to her love for Romeo and comes to meet him on the day of his wedding. After many trials and surprises, loss, grief, and other obstacles, Romeo and Heer eventually end up together, just like they were always meant to be.

Till the last episode, Romeo Weds Heer was the same show it had always been. Its pace was just as equivalent to diving and swooping as before, with one major plot development after the other, and despite the seriousness of problems between Romeo and Heer, the show never lost its comedic charm. Feroze Khan and Sana Javed managed to stay true to their characters with their accurate portrayal of this silly and cute couple.

Their on-screen chemistry has always been commendable, but watching them play Romeo and Heer looked like the perfect use of their versatility. Its combination of high-key melodrama with emotions and comedy made for the perfectly giddy and joyful story, which we are going to miss on our screens.

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