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Romeo Weds Heer – Episode 22 Review

Heer is ready as a bride but Romeo is missing!


A rom-com with a strong romantic story plot, full of light humor and some hearty laughter is what 7th Sky Entertainment’s Romeo Weds Heer is all about. Directed by Anjum Shehzad and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama stars two most loved actors of the entire nation – Feroze Khan playing as Romeo and Sana Javed playing as Heer, two university lovers with completely opposite family and culture.

Episode 22 is a nail-biting episode that will keep you on the edge.
The environment is all set, Heer’s family is all dressed up, the hall is ready with red roses and plentiful lights but what seems to be a normal wedding is going towards a twist in the plot. Heer’s entry in the wedding hall dressed up as a Bride traveling all alone in auto was a touch of humor that made us smile at her innocence as well as carefree self. The entire family is waiting for the Baraat but there is a no show from the groom’s side which makes Heer’s family wonder what might be the issue.

Romeo goes missing… But where exactly is he?
Nazar and Aflatoon visit Romeo’s house and come back with the news that he is missing. His family files a complaint and to the police, it seems like a case of kidnapping for ransom. Both sides of the family are in absolute shock. It’s always fun to watch how both families react to a situation so differently. There is Heer’s family who is in loud cries as the Groom is missing while Romeo’s family is in silent shock waiting for any calls for ransom.

So where exactly is Romeo?
We see Romeo unconsciously sleeping on Juliet’s bed. What makes the situation interesting is that Juliet’s room is all decorated and Juliet herself is dressed in a white bridal dress, chanting Romeo’s name and celebrating what seems to be a marriage with Romeo.

Nazar played by Shafaat Ali adds the humor that elevates all the intense situations with creativity.
Nazar definitely adds a lot of humor to every situation especially when he portrays a typical “Pakistani damaad” who shows negativity to everything instead of being positive as well as saying things that seek attention. His character is a true portrayal of how the “damaads” in our culture are treated irrespective of their negative nosy behavior.

When Heer finds out Romeo is missing, she takes matters in her own hands, starts a bike and heads towards Romeo’s home. A girl on a bike is already too much to handle and here we see a girl in an entire bridal outfit riding on a bike – an epic scene of the entire episode.
The episode ends with Romeo getting conscious and realizing Heer is waiting for him and makes a run for it but Heer’s family is ready to call the wedding off.

Will Romeo return back just in time for the wedding? Will Juliet pose any more problems for Heer? Keep watching Romeo Weds Heer.

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