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Romeo Weds Heer – Episode 25 Review

Romeo Weds Heer is a 7th Sky Entertainment project, directed by Anjum Shehzad and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The drama is targeted at a young audience, as it centers around two college students who fall madly in love, even though they come from different family backgrounds. Starring Feroze Khan as Romeo and Sana Javed as Heer, the drama has acquired a huge fan base because of it being from a light rom-com genre.

Just when we thought Romeo Weds Heer is going to slide by with the wedding finally over, things take an interesting turn…

The latest episode begins with a spark of romance between Romeo and Heer, and frankly, it was much needed after all the hassles our lead characters have had to go through before finally getting to tie the knot. The cute attitude portrayed by Heer and the loving nature of Romeo makes their wedding scenes quite special.
Heer believes they have lost their moment when Romeo didn’t get the chance to pick her ghungat up, which is an important tradition for newly-wed couples. Romeo seizes the moment, by giving her a beautiful ring as a gift, followed by a pair of shoes that have a love note written underneath them and finally giving her a lovely, red rose, to compliment her beauty.

Heer’s family sneaks into the house with traditional breakfast for the couple and soon another round of misunderstandings starts again…

As Heer and Romeo are enjoying their newlywed experiences, Soni, Nazar, and Aflatoon sneak into the house using an extra key, in order to surprise Heer and Romeo with the breakfast, which is a tradition to be served from the bride’s side. While they set up breakfast on the table, Heer and Romeo hear rattling noises coming from outside and immediately assume there are thieves breaking into the house!
The entire scene is really fast-paced and loaded with a bunch of humor, especially the scene where Aflatoon removes an extra house key – from his slipper! The entire fiasco results in the police arresting Heer’s family members and tying them up like criminals.

Heer and Romeo’s Valima is potentially going to be as messy as their wedding!

Nothing seems to be going normal for Romeo and Heer. The couple decides to get some sleep before their Valima ceremony – and wake up to realize that they’re too late for their own event!

Adding fuel to the mishaps, Heer’s family demands an apology from Romeo’s family because of the insult they faced that morning with the police and without an apology, they refuse to attend the Valima.
Nazar’s dialogue, “After all, mai damaad hoon,” keeps repeating in every episode, but with the context that he says it in, it seems completely new and gives a different dimension to the depth of the comment.
The entire episode was a roller coaster ride of confusion and smiles, misunderstandings and love, leaving us with anticipation for the next episode.

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