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Sabaat Episode-10 Review: Miraal’s madness is getting out of hands

Hassan and Anaya are busy in their wedding preparations

Sabaat Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode Miraal's madness is getting out of hands - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat the drama serial is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch at HUM TV with its very unique storyline and the strong messages it is conveying. Brilliantly written and well-executed, the play is showcasing some really incredible performances be it Mawra Hocane as a positive, headstrong, and inspiring girl or Ameer Gilani as a nice, positive handsome hunk. While Sarah Khan is slaying as Miraal.

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The episode begins when Hassan is happily busy with his wedding preparations and his mother is trying her best to convince her husband to accept Anaya. Miraal’s madness is getting out of his hands. She is now challenging her own father and she has some really exotic plans going in her head. She calls her fiance and tells him to get ready they are marrying tomorrow and she will do all the arrangements.

Miraal gets her shock of life when his very own obedient fiance leaves her without even informing her. She comes to know when she has done all the wedding preparations. Molvi Sahab is ready. She through her friend comes to know that Ali has left the country but he has not mentioned that where he has gone. It is evident from the previous scenes that Ali is fed up of Miraal’s insults and bossy behavior he has already realized that he cannot marry her and destroy his own life.

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Miraal on the other hand is extremely mad at Ali, he is behaving like as if Ali is her slave as if he has no right to live his life the way he wants. The way Miraal raids at Ali’s house and misbehaves with her mother speaks a lot about her uncontrollable madness. She is madly searching for the name of the place where Ali has gone so that she go there and teach him a lesson there. Miraal again sees her Nani’s vision laughing and taunting her for being alone.

Anaya’s father gives her a piece of very heartfelt advice that only love and positivity can beat negativity and if we hate anyone we are sowing the seeds of hate into our hearts, the hate will eventually take over our mind and soul. Hassan’s father tells Hassan that he has accepted Anaya and also that he wants him to join his office on which Hassan happily agrees. They are all happy when Miraal enters spewing her venom over Hassan saying that he is dead for her and she is not even going to attend his funeral.

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