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Sabaat Episode-11 Review: Despite of all odds Hassan marries Anaya

Miraal's maddness touches new heights

Sabaat Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Despite of all odds Hassan marries Anaya - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat one of our favorite prime time watch running at HUM TV has come up with a fabulous episode powered by brilliant performances. Sarah Khan is slaying her maniac state of mind so beautifully whereas Mawra Hocane has also given an incredible performance. Ameer Gilani and Mawra Hocane are making an adorable pair and their onscreen chemistry looks very cute.

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The episode begins when Miraal’s madness reaches new heights of craziness, she turns off all the decorative lights of the house, and then she does what no sister has ever done. She literally ruins his brother’s floral decorated wedding bed and put his room on fire! Miraal is being more than being a psycho, she clearly has a criminal bend of mind and no one of her family seems to take her mental state seriously.

Hassan and Anaya’s wedding execution is literally one of the most realistic wedding scenes I have ever witnessed on screen, so kudos to the director for such perfect execution, whole Baraat procession, Nikaah, and then Valima guest in the van all seems like a real wedding.  Anaya’s expressions when she sees her room on fire is simply brilliant. Mawra Hocane has given a memorable performance.

Hassan and Anaya’s wedding night is the cutest scene where Hasan lies to her about the fire stating the cause is the short circuit. Well it is clearly understandable why he lied because how can he tell his bride that this is the kind of welcome she got in his home. Anaya and Hassan are looking so cute and adorable together, the ghunghat scene is so adorable.

Well putting brother’s room on fire is clearly depicting Miraal’s messed up mental state but no one in the house is ready to help her out. Even her father is backing her up by saying that he will not attend the Valima and leaves the house. One of the major flaw apart from Miraal’s disturbed mind is her flawed upbringing. The helplessness of Miraal’s parents is making no sense. Hassan’s mother has left with no choice but to cancel the Valima reception by lying about a friend’s sudden death but she gives a dinner to Anaya’s family and relatives at her place.

Anaya though one can imagine the trauma a newly wedded bride faces when she sees her wedding room on fire takes it very positively. She must have realized the actual cause of the fire, she is smart enough to sense that Miraal is missing and also she knows that she hates her but when Hassan lies her about the fire incident saying that it is due to short circuit she does not correct him, in fact, she shows him that she believes him. The next morning the way Anaya very positively talks with her mother in law says volumes about her upbringing.

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