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Sabaat Episode-12 Review: Miraal will not let Anaya and Hassan live in peace!

Miraal's friend makes her agree to seek the help of a therapist.

Sabaat Episode-12 ReviewIn this episode Miraal will not let Anaya and Hassan live in peace - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of our most favorite primetime watches with excellent performances, brilliant writing, and equally brilliant execution. Sarah Khan is slaying in her role as a badass and Mawra Hocane’s performance is simply brilliant. Usman Mukhtar’s entry in the drama is not as impressive as we were expecting.

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The episode begins when Miraal is threatening her parents that she will not let Anaya and Hassan live in peace. Hassan’s mother is extremely worried, she knows that Miraal will create a lot of trouble and it seems that she will not be able to save her home. She suggests Hassan to hastily arrange his honeymoon as she needs some time to convince Miraal.


Miraal’s mother pleads her to have little patience and mercy. Miraal despite being so insensitive and brat, also have a soft corner for her mother she hugs her mother but we have seen that she has not changed a bit nor she has taken her mother’s advice very seriously. Well her best friend seems to be the only wise person around her who suggests her to go for a therapy and in fact helps her to get an appointment. Well, Miraal’s friend’s behavior is an ideal behavior any friend should do with their friends facing mental health issues. She not only suggests that she needs help on top of that she helps her to find a therapist and she makes sure that she books her appointment too.


Anaya and Hassan are enjoying their best days in Kashmir, both are looking so cute and adorable and the execution of those scenes is so good, it seems like a realistic honeymoon where the couple is trying to understand each other. The way Anaya asks Hassan about his family to have any issue with her working? Hassan thinks about it and then suggests that she can work in his own office.


Dr. Haris’s entry is not as impressive as we were expecting, I think it is because we are not yet over with Altmash. The first scene was good but there is one issue where a therapist who knows that the patient really needs help, tells her to go home and think that if she really needs his help or not? Kudos to Miraal’s friend who has insisted on her for the second visit and also books her appointment herself. The second sitting is more realistic where Miraal bit opens up about her illusions and fears and Dr. Haris rightly gets the reason for the problem and he tells her that her Nani’s visions are what her mind and fears are creating for her. It seems that Miraal is a bit impressed with Dr. Haris’s explanation. Will Dr. Haris be able to cure Miraal’s madness we will be waiting for the next episodes to find that out.

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