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Sabaat Episode-13 Review: There is something missing in Dr. Haris scenes!

Miraal's father makes her the company's boss by giving her more shares than Hassan

Sabaat Episode-13 ReviewIn this episode There is something missing in Dr. Haris scenes - OyeYeah News

Sabaat the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of our favorite serials with its unique storyline and brilliant performances. In this episode, although some major developments have been shown, however, it seems like something is still lacking. The much-anticipated entry of Dr. Haris in the serial seems a bit overwhelmed here too. In fact, we feel that few scenes are cut in the serial as they were shown in the promo of the episode.

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Well, critics and public including psychologists and psychiatrists had strongly criticized one of the scenes shown in the promo where Dr. Haris is telling his assistant that Miraal is the girl he is looking for and now since he has found her so hopefully she will be no more going to be his patient. However, in this episode, these lines are missing. It seems that the makers have understood the mistake edited that scene before airing.


Dr. Haris takes Miraal out on a restaurant for a sitting but this is again a very unethical and professional practice, even if the patient is demanding it. The producers of drama are glorifying this practice painting it in a romantic light and showing a hero figure committing such criminal and unethical practice speaks volumes about our uneducated mindset. Certainly, a wrong precedent to set by the makers of the drama.


Hasan and Anaya’s honeymoon camping scene is well shot and it looks very cute. Unfortunately, the honeymoon period is over for Anaya and Hassan. And in the coming days Anaya has to face Miraal and who is showing no flexibility to her. Miraal’s father is worsening the matter, he gives more shares to Miraal of his company although the discrepancy is only 2%  shares.  He makes Miraal sit on his seat as her boss. Poor Anaya has given an average job. Anaya and Hassan are taking all this very positively so far well let’s see how Miraal is going to bug them in the future.

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