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Sabaat Episode-14 Review: Miraal is creating troubles for Anaya, their upbringing is poles apart!

Miraal is feeling better but she still thinks Anaya as her biggest enemy

Sabaat Episode-14 ReviewIn this episode Miraal is creating troubles for Anaya, their upbringing is poles apart - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat, the drama serial airing on HUM TV is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch with its unique storyline and impeccable performances. The play with all its strengths has some disturbing issues too, like one of the main leads being a psychiatrist is dating his patient. Dr. Haris’s appearance in this play seems to be very underwhelmed in fact Anaya and Hassan’s appearance are overshadowing Dr. Haris and Miraal’s onscreen couple.

The episode begins when Anaya and Hassan are having a great time together in their office but Miraal is getting jealous and furious to see their romance. She spares no moment to insult Anaya whenever she gets a chance. Hassan is silently watching all this Miraal’s coldness but for the sake of his mother, he does not take any stand for his wife. Anaya is being super supportive of him in this case.

Anaya and Hassan call their friends at their office for a meetup where Miraal makes her entry and by telling them that she wants this meeting hall for an immediate meeting, she further tells that there is a cafeteria at their office too. Well, Anaya very wisely agrees that it is their own fault they should have arranged this meetup at Cafeteria. Well, one wonders how come Hassan has not realized this fact that Miraal will create a drama in front of all the friends.



There are hardly two scenes of Dr. Haris those are not very impressive at all, but it is established that he is showing keen interest in his patient and he is going out of the way for her which is wrong at so many levels. Well, we really miss Usman Mukhtar as Altamsh in Anna, he is not here as powerful as he used to be in Anaa in fact Anaya and Hassan are overshadowing him. Well, Miraal is feeling better and as she talks to him on phone more often now.

Anaya is very diligently performing her duties at the office, she is excelling in her assignments but Miraal is making sure that she keeps reminding her of her place. She insults her in front of all the panel by asking her to leave the meeting. It seems to have disturbed Anaya a lot but she has not expressed anything to her husband but when she expressed her concerns about Miraal in front of her father, he very positively says that she already knows that before her marriage so now she should ignore her and focus on Hassan and her relationship and should take the best care of his parents. Miraal and Anaya’s upbringing is poles apart.

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