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Sabaat Episode 16 Review: Anaya and Hassan start their new life journey without any support

Since Hassan has left the house, Miraal is badly missing her brother!

Sabaat Episode 16 ReviewIn this episode Anaya and Hassan start their new life journey without any support | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch at HUM TV, with all its strength and impeccable performances and promising execution, however, this episode does have some loopholes. Besides the positive aspect that Hassan and Anaya start their new life journey on their own as a young couple, Dr. Haris is completely out of the scene. We were expecting more of Usman Mukhtar’s screen time but there is not a single scene of Dr. Haris in this episode. Performances are on point!

Well, it is weird that instead of Hassan taking a stand for his wife and taking some decision on his own, his mother tells him that he should live separately with Anaya as Miraal and her husband will never going to let Anaya live in peace here. Miraal again creates a huge scene she tries to confront her brother again and once again she breaks a Mac Book Pro Laptop! Wow good budgeted serial I must say. However; despite Miraal’s maniac display over and over, her parents are not trying to help her out nor seem to be seriously worried about her mental health which is clearly giving alarming signs.

Another loophole in this episode is that Hassan is shown penniless, being the only son of a filthy rich man he cannot arrange 2-3 lacs on his own, it doesn’t look believable that he has no bank balance at this age so he cannot arrange that money! Even Anaya has savings of 4 Lacs in her bank account. Well, the way Anaya offers him money looks so cute. They make a very cute and adorable onscreen chemistry. Hassan’s problem is solved by his mother who gives him some money as a start-up.

Miraal is such an evil soul that she is actually feeling very happy about the fact that Anaya has been out of her office and house not realizing that her own and only brother has also left her. When her mother tells her that she should be happy that her brother along with Anaya has left the house and now she has to fight with walls makes her realize that she is the one on the losing end. She has lost her own brother in the way of getting rid of Anaya! It seems that she has some plotting going in her head and for that she is trying to take help from Hassan’s friend Atif.

Anaya seeing her new apartment gets teary eyes, it is just a one-bedroom mediocre apartment which is nothing in front of what Hassan has left, he was living in a palace. Anaya is sorry for him and maybe she does not like this apartment with scarce furnishing. They both have started a new life journey where they have to earn their living on their own. Anaya is confident and positive as usual and Hassan is on her side. Will Miraal be able to win her brother back or she will continue to create hurdles in his life?

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