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Sabaat Ep-19 Review: There exists no passion, no chemistry between Miraal and Dr. Haris

Drama serial Sabaat airing at HUM TV is one of the finest serial in terms of its story and characters. The story premises is quite unique and characters like Miraal is what making this serial an interesting watch but it seems the play is drifting away from its plot. There seems no chemistry and passion between the newlyweds Miraal and Dr. Haris whereas the story seems stuck in the same place where Hassan and Anaya both are struggling hard and facing rough patch.

Miraal and Dr. Harris lack the passion needed between a romantic couple. There is no such spark between them and moreover their chemistry seems disappointing as they both are quite soft-spoken especially when they have an argument they both talk in a cool balanced tone which reflects nothing but their lack of passion. Hassan and Anaya’s chemistry is way more cracking than Miraal and Dr. Haris.

Hassan is facing great humiliation at Yasir Qureshi’s office in fact he has hired him just because he wants to humiliate him and satisfy his ego. Anaya and Hassan both attend a meeting held by construction companies heads and there Miraal is also part of that board meeting where Yasir Qureshi deliberately calls Hassan to hand over some papers but his main purpose is just to humiliate him in front of Miraal and to show her that her brother is his employee and subordinate.

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Miraal is out of her mind to see her brother working for her ex-employee and rival. She has not realized it for a second that he is working there because of her behavior. She once again curses Hassan saying that his birth has brought shame for her and family. Moreover, Hassan’s father has called him and has said mean things he tells him that if he dies he should not come to his funeral. He has disgraced him.

Anaya is doing good comparatively in her professional life while it seems that Hassan and Anaya are going to face problems in their married life and will have differences for how long Hassan is going to fight this poverty and humiliation? he is not familiar with this kind of lifestyle, As he has been born with a silver spoon, will he get fed up and eventually going to give up. Anaya will have to face this all alone. Anaya’s father is suffering from lung cancer which is so depressing as he is one of the most inspiring characters of this play.

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