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Sabaat Episode-25 Review: What is possibly going to be Miraal’s end ?

Sabaat is our most favorite Prime Time Watch at HUM TV, with its unique story premises and inspiring characters, the play is also giving some solid positive messages to the audience. In this episode, we have seen more of Miraal’s madness and we are wondering what will this madness lead to and what is possibly going to be her end? Performances are superb, particularly Mawra Hocane’s act is impeccable.

The episode begins with Anaya, who is broken by her father’s death. In her depression, her mother advise her to rejoin her office on which she says that she cannot join the office as she does not want Hassan to know about her pregnancy. She is making plans to shift to any other city but when her mother says that she cannot leave this place and apologizes, this is such an emotional heart touching scene. Mawra Hocane has given her best in this scene.

Miraal’s madness is getting out of proportion, she is all set to send divorce papers to Dr. Haris. She is divorcing him for carrying his practice, this is the sole reason she has to leave him. Well Miraal’s path crosses with Ali and she becomes so violent to see him, she literally starts punching him. To our surprise that Ali who has left her for her attitude and madness now again falls in love with her. Why? is it making any sense? What is there in Miraal which can possibly make anyone fell in love with her?

The way Miraal tells her friend that she will torture Ali by telling him that she is married now and will not leave Haris and similarly she will keep torturing Haris and the way she laughs is so creepy. One wonders how Miraal will end up? Where her never-ending madness is going to lead her? Hassan still has his and Anaya’s picture in his phone. Miraal advises him to divorce Anaya like the way she is divorcing Dr. Haris.

There is a scene where two persons come at Anaya’s house telling her mother that they are from Aziz’s Bank and tell Anaya’s mother to give them his ATM card and cheque book with all the details. Well Anaya’s mother does not seem that simpleton but she gives them all the details and stuff, and later they find out that they have been looted with all their savings. It seems that poor Anaya has got no choice but to rejoin her job.

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