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Sabaat Episode-3 Review: Miraal seems to be shaken by her Nani’s sudden death

Sabaat the drama serial running at HUM TV primetime is getting more and more interesting, with its 3rd episode being aired. The story has shown progress and the story is getting more engaging, the script is solid, so is the executions and performances as well. Sarah Khan has given a phenomenal performance playing Miraal one of the most powerful characters and Mawra Hocane also is pretty impressive in her role.

Miraal feels like she has all rights to intervene in her brother’s matters and also she is being manipulative, but this time she has crossed her limits by going to Hassan’s university and then she goes straight to Anaya and badly insults her. She wrongly accuses her of practicing cheap tactics on Hassan and trapping him. Moreover, she keeps on insulting her.

Aanaya is badly hurt on hearing these false allegations, she clearly tries to tell her that she has nothing to do with her brother nor she ever tried to talk with him. It was him who started the whole issue and she has ended it with an apology, but Miraal badly insults her by looking down at her taunting her for having the low-class mentality, Anaya tries to retaliate on which Miraal very ruthlessly rewards her with a tight slap. She is really a spoiled and proud girl.

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Poor Anaya is not expecting this, this is the worst she can ever expect from Hassan and her sister. Anaya is assuming that it is Hassan who has send his sister to confront her so she goes to him and blames him for being a coward. Hassan is extremely shocked to know that Miraal his sister can go to that level of sabotaging his life and matters. He confronted her sister and their Nani for the very first time tries to school Miraal in a furious way. Miraal misbehaves with her as well.

Nani gets a heart attack and she is hospitalized. Miraal is informed by her mother and she is asked to get her medical file from her suitcase. Well we are expecting that Miraal will not care much according to her past behavior and character portrayal, but surprisingly she is worried and she visits her Nani’s bedroom and there she finds her snaps where her Nani is looking exactly like herself. She is kind of shocked. She admits this to her Nani too in the hospital that she looks like her but then her Nani dies. It seems that her resemblance with her Nani and her death has somehow shaken Miraal but then we see her old self back when she sees Anaya at her Nani’s funeral, Anaya staying at their place till the funeral makes no sense she should have returned from there. It seems that Nani’s death has shaken Hassan too. Well, the way Anaya and her friends get Hassan’s address from the office is not at all a convincing stunt.

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