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Sabaat Episode-4 Review: Aanaya and Hassan are getting close

We all are wondering why Miraal is like that.

Sabaat-Episode-4-ReviewIn this episode Aanaya and Hassan are getting close - OyeYeah

Sabaat is one unique play airing on HUM TV primetime, the play is creating so much hype as the story proceeds. We all are wondering why Miraal is like that? why she is behaving like that all the time what is her story? Sarah Khan has played a memorable character as a headstrong spoiled brat who is extremely manipulative and who does not care for anyone and her character is in contrast with the character of Aanaya who is all positive and inspiring.

The episode begins when Miraal is sharing her Nani’s memories with her best friend it seems like Miraal is also bossy with her friend as well but her friend seems to be used to of her behavior as she is her childhood friend. It is shown that how conveniently Miraal insults her fiance in front of her friend, she very rudely tells him to go out of the room as she is talking something personal with her friend even her friend is surprised on her behavior.


Aanaya and her friends take their normal University bus where she finds Hassan, Hassan tells Aanaya that he is experiencing this for more than 2 months, Aanaya says to him that he has taken her words very seriously she tells him that they were both angry so whatever she said should not be taken that seriously besides that Aanya believes that one should thank Allah the way He has blessed us with and should enjoy all His blessings but never feel proud on it. Hassan says that he is doing all this just because he want to experience life outside of his house.


Aanya and Hassan are getting close as Aanaya’s opinion about him has also changed after her conversation with him on the bus. Hassan seems to be in love with Aanaya and he has shared this with his stupid friend and as well as his desire to marry Aanaya. His friend is so annoying that he straight away calls Miraal and tells her about Hassan’s plans.


Miraal is getting mad after knowing Hassan’s interest in Aanaya she is so furious that she is ready to confront Hassan but then his dad very tactfully handles her by saying that this is not the right time to show anger, what money cannot do love can. Miraal’s father’s advice hits her head and she takes it seriously, she very artfully tries to get close to her brother and Hassan too very politely tries to reason his sister. It is going to be a serious clash between social classes.

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