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Sabaat Episode-5 Review: Hassan proposes Aanaya and Miraal is furious on it

Miraal faces humiliation by her employee at the court, and she is not getting over this insult!

Sabaat-Episode-5-ReviewIn this episode Hassan proposes Aanaya and Miraal is furious on it - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat the drama serial running on HUM TV has a unique theme. Drawing the parallel contrast of two main characters of Miraal and Aanaya, the play is suggesting the audiences which side they should choose. Miraal who looks down at people and is snobbish, despite having everything in her life is not happy or Aanaya, on the contrary, is inspirational and a thorough positive girl. The writer has very beautifully drawn this comparison of characters and the execution of the play is on point as well. Mawra Hocane’s acting is so natural, she has given her best performance and Sarah Khan’s performance is also amazing.

It is shown that Hassan is passionately in love with Aanaya and he is always lost in her thoughts all the time. Aanaya has shown a very strong, positive, and open-minded person who does not mind having friendly talks with Hassan. Then there is a cute scene where Hassan is lost in her thoughts during the exam and calls her name and then the invigilator takes both of their papers back but then Hassan convinces the examiner that it is not Aanya’s fault.

Miraal, on the other hand, is going through a rough patch of her life, rough in the sense that things are not going according to her wishes. The actual problem rises when one tries to take control of everything which is actually not possible. Life is easy for those who just go with the flow. Miraal is extremely manipulative and that is why she is always in a bad mood when she fails to have proper control. The way she is insulting her fiance is beyond comprehension why she is doing that?

Another thing which is not making much sense is Hassan’s sudden and rapid transformation from a spoiled guy who used to look down on people and does not happen to find anyone good enough to compete him, transforms into a very humble, positive and spiritually enlightened person, and that too on Aanaya’s single taunt! Now Aanya is influencing so much of his thoughts and heart that he has made up his mind to marry her! The scene where Hassan is confessing his feelings with Aanaya and then proposing her is so cute and Mawra’s acting is so natural.

Miraal is certainly having bad days, her company has lost a case and her ex-employee humiliates and ridicules Miraal at the court, which is I guess for the very first time Miraal has faced any such situation, she is not getting over this insult. She is also very furious about Hassan’s never-ending interest in Aanaya, she is getting each and every detail through Hassan’s friend and surprisingly Hassan is not wondering where Miraal is getting so many insights about his relationship status and whereabouts? Maybe he is habitual of Miraal spying him it is nothing new for him.

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