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Sabaat Episode-6 Review: Hassan endangers his life to protect Anaya

Sabaat drama serial on airing at HUM TV has a unique theme, drawing a contrast between a spoiled and extremely manipulative Miraal, and Anaya who is an inspirational character of the play full of positive energy, a girl who never compromise on her values and she is extremely compassionate too. Kashif Anwer deserves all praises for penning down a different yet inspirational story. Performances were on spot. Sara Khan and Mawra Hocane never cease to inspire us with their brilliant performances, newcomer Ameer Gillani is impressive too.

Hassan is love stuck and he is now not ready to step back even after hearing Miraal’s fierce opposition. He is resolute that he is not going to step back. He is in love with Anaya and he wants to own it. He clearly tells his so-called best friend that he is not going to hear any derogatory words for Anaya, he simply cannot bear this.


Miraal is reading her Nani’s letter and it seems like that letter is questioning her own self. The letter’s topic was control and how helpless one feels when one starts losing it. Miraal is a bit shaken to read that insightful letter, it is allowing her to peek into her own self despite the fact that her soul is concealed with the hard shell of pride. She sees a vision of her Nani too sitting right in front of her and smiling. Miraal is extremely disturbed.


Hassan coincidentally sees Anaya driving and he follows her car while Anaya is on a very important mission, being a woman right activist and a brave heart Anaya is going to teach a loafer a lesson who is blackmailing her friend. He happens to be a dangerous man and he tries to harass her and he is holding a pistol too. Hassan like a hero jumps in and saves Anaya, endangering his own life and in return, he takes a bullet on his arm.


It seems that the letter has shaken Miraal for a while then she is back to her own self, insulting her fiance, misbehaving with her mother, and trying to control her brother. Hassan has very successfully won Anaya’s heart. Moreover, Hassan professes his love for Anaya on phone and Miraal is eavesdropping her conversation on the phone. Both are very much in love with each other and they both are not going to back off while Miraal is continuously trying her best to stop Hassan, she is spying over him all the time.

Will Hassan be able to convince his family and particularly Miraal to accept Anaya?

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