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Sabaat Episode-8 Review: Hassan is taking a fierce stand against his father

Sabaat the drama serial running on HUM TV has a unique storyline which is making it an interesting prime time watch. Powered with some super brilliant performances this play is depicting the outcomes of good upbringing and bad upbringing by drawing a contrast between Miraal and Anaya. Anaya (Mawra Hocane) who is ready to sacrifice her wishes and desires for Parent’s honor and Miraal (Sarah Khan) who actually wants to Kill Anaya!

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The episode begins when Hassan is told that Anaya’s parents have clearly refused and not just refused they have insulted his parents. When Hassan calls Anaya she tells him not to call her again and told him that his father has badly insulted her father, accusing him of her ill upbringing leaving no choice for her father but to make him show his parents the way out. Hassan is extremely disturbed and shocked to hear about this side of his father.

Hassan takes a major stand and this time he proves himself to be a stronger person much stronger than Miraal. He simply straightforwardly disowns his father telling him that he does not want to live with him but then Hassan’s mother intervenes and pleads Hassan not to leave her like that and Hassan eventually decides not to leave but he tells her mother that he is living in this house just for her sake, making Miraal so furious and disturbed, she gets so maniac that she actually sees her dead Nani taunting and laughing at her.

Anaya is so heartbroken with this incident, she is feeling extremely guilty for this insult her parents have to face because of her. She attains a top position in the University exams and she is all set to sacrifice her happiness, her wishes, and desires and will marry whoever her parents are going to choose for her but deep inside she is hurt and broken. Her heart still beats for Hassan but she is trying her best to ignore it.

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Miraal, on the other hand, is once again getting so mad that she again snubs his fiance for not arranging her a hitman as she really wants to kill Anaya. When his helpless fiance shares it with Miraal’s friend she becomes even more furious saying that he cannot even keep her secrets so he certainly does not deserve to keep her as well.

Hassan is very strictly keeping his stand with his father, he even did not tell his father about his result and also that he has applied for a job. Hassan’s mother tells his husband that he is responsible for ruining her son’s life and if he leaves this house she will go with him on which Hassan’s father gets worried. He agrees for Anaya and Hassan’s wedding but his pride and ego is still there with him so he clearly tells his wife that he is never going to go with her to Anaya’s house, all she has to arrange all by herself.

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