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Sabaat Episode-9 Review: Anaya and Hassan are made for each other!

Miraal is getting more and more maniac

Sabaat Episode-9 ReviewIn this episode Anaya and Hassan are made for each other - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat the drama serial running at HUM TV with a very unique storyline has become one of our favorite prime time watch. We are simply in love with Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani’s onscreen chemistry and they have just nailed their roles with brilliant performances. Sarah Khan is slaying in her role and carrying it so well. Kudos to the entire team!

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The episode begins when Hassan’s mother visits Anaya’s house again and she apologizes again and again on his husband’s words and then once again she expresses her desire to make Anaya her daughter in law. What Anaya’s father’s reaction is quite reasonable he is reluctant and concerned about her daughter that how can he let her daughter marry into a house whose owner does not like her? His concern is valid.

Miraal’s madness is now getting out of control and she overhears her Nani and sees her vision. She is extremely furious about Hassan for marrying Anaya. When her best friend tells her to stay cool and to be a little God fearing because her friend is wondering how can she even think of killing Anaya? Miraal gets mad on her only best friend and she just drops her back to her house. Another annoying character is that so-called opportunist friend of Hassan who is always ready to give all insights about Hassan and Anaya’s relationship to Miraal. Never for a single second Hassan has realized that who is that agent who is giving her sister all his personal updates?

Hassan and Anaya’s University scene is so cute and adorable, it seems like they are made for each other. The way Hassan expresses his feelings out so passionately telling her that he cannot even imagine her marrying someone else with having tears in his eyes and then he raises a question that why she is punishing him for someone else’s conduct. It makes sense to Anaya realize her mistake and she says sorry to him. Hassan makes Anaya promise that he will never leave him no matter what happens Anaya promises him to do so and on top of that Miraal enters trying to add bitterness into the scene but Hassan controls the situation. He tells her sister that he is ashamed of her but he has not realized that why she is here? how come she knows that Anaya is coming to University and meeting him?

The way Anaya convinces her parents speaks volumes about her positive personality. Her father for the sake of her daughter’s choice and happiness agrees to accept this proposal. They goes to Hassan’s house, his father is not present in the house, he deliberately leaves the house so he does not have to welcome them. Everything is going so smoothly, Hassan and his mother are trying their best to cover his husband’s absence but then Miraal enters and as usual, she spews some venom making poor Anaya’s father even more worried about her daughter’s future.

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